Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sentiments

Weekly Mileage-  46
Max the #Runnerdog- 9

Maxi had a little procedure on his boy parts earlier in the week so has been on a forced running hiatus.   No running for 5 days and today is day 5.  I'm thinking tomorrow we will go out for a short test drive.   

Why has the 6 year old surpassed me on Candy Crush?  This isn't even right.

I am  straight up obsessed with that Pink song.  You know, the one with the guy from FUN?  OMG, why is that song so catchy and fantastic?   Does anyone else get sad for Pink at how bad she wants it to work and rekindle their love?   FUN guy is pulling the wool and it's crap. 

Why is Instagram so fabulous?  That's all.  

I'm totes obsessing about the weather in Roanoke, Virginia for the weekend.   It wouldn't be a marathon if I didn't obsess about the weather and check every hour on the hour.

Why do I have to DVR Bring It On anytime it's on TBS?  This can't be normal.   I've seen this teen, cheerleading movie at least 124 times since it's debut in 2000.   However,  it continues to rope me in.   #bestmovieever.  Does anyone else love teen movies?   I also love Stick It and Mean Girls.   

I'm getting Reflexology on Tuesday and am practically counting down the minutes.   Pretty sure it's going to be life changing.   Stay tuned.

Speaking of life changing, have you guys tried my tried and true Epsom Salts soak yet?   I got busted big time when my running girls were sitting in my driveway patiently waiting for me at 6:20 on Saturday morning to pick me up for the long run and I was slightly delayed due to an emergent Epsom Salt soak.     Pretty sure they think I'm #craycray.  

That's all I've got. See you kitty cats tomorrow!

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