Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some updates... And some randomness, in general.

For starters, I need to tell you guys about the most delectable, decadent snack known to man.   My mother in law created a variation of this and I immediately got to work.  Now this wouldn't necessarily be appropriate for the 10 day cleanse phase due to the sugar content of the dates but I say okay for the Max Phase or when you are not on the challenge and dying for something for sweet but not processed.

If you are obsessed with Larabars like me, you will love this.   Also, if you are obsessed with pecan pie like me (you can take the girl outta the country but...you know the rest), you will also love this.

Here we have medjool dates, blended with chopped pecans.   Boo yah.  (#tdf #tryingnottohaus) I seeded the dates, sprinkled with just a twinge of sea salt, hammered in the chopped pecans, rolled into bite sized balls (that's what she said) and refrigerated.     I realize these don't look appetizing but I assure you that they are awesome.

The two ingredients were purchased at TJ's.    I forgot to take pics. while there were still ingredients in the containers.  I'm sure you get the picture.  

I still can't get over the events that happened in Boston.   If you follow my Facebook page (Columbus Advocare Runner), you know that I'll be dedicating every mile of this weekends' marathon to this tragedy.   For the lives lost, for those that are still injured and for those who have put in countless hours to qualify for this elite race and have their dreams shattered.  All for nothing.    I finally had to turn off the news today.   

On a much lighter note, remember my post about the tulips and pennies?  It works!   I got at least 4 more days out of my tulips.   
These babies were a week old when I took this picture.  That never happens.   Two pennies is the way to go. 

Why is putting a two year old to bed the hardest part of the day?   Seriously, can someone explain this? It goes a little something like this...
Two year old:   "I want my bunny... Why did you give me my bunny?  I don't want my bunny!  My foot is out of the blanket!  (I cover up foot just perfectly so..., we hug, kiss, book, tuck in.)   Wait! I want my monkey!  No, my monkey is scary.  Don't want my monkey.   Wait, where is my baby!?  I can't sleep without my baby.   Where is my book about Stinky Feet??????   (I find stinky feet book)  I no like 'dis book!  (Hug, kiss, book, tuck.) Mommy, are the neighbors sleeping?... I don't think they are.   .....I need to look out the window and see....  (12 year old cruises by on scooter).  See mommy, it's not night time!   (Hug, kiss, book, tuck.) Repeat.  Mommy, I'm not tired!"   All while she profusely rubbing eyes and fighting all signs of her little body relaxing.    

It's a good thing she's cute....   Two year old "glamour shot" school picture.     In all honesty, I wasn't present for the pic. and have no idea why it looks like she has lipstick on.  (although, in reality, I'm probably not much above that).

I've got a dirty little secret...  I love JCPenney's Xersion workout clothing.  You guys, it washes so well, is dirt cheap and several people have asked if what I'm wearing is Lulu.   My neighbor has even gone so far as to nickname the line "LuluPenney"  

Totes reminds me of a CRB from Lulu.  And it's $10.  And washes really well.    

Love both of these little pretties as well.   No idea what's going on over at LuluPenney but me likey. 

I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for a little So What Wednesday and then I'm off for the mountains to race!   I'm going to try my best to throw a blog post up while I'm there.    Toodles, friends. 

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  1. I need to check out LuluPenny!!!

    And that picture is ADORABLE! OMG. I love it.