Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

So What Wednesday

Here we go again, yo.

So What if I secretly kind of want to take a break from running and become a legit yogi?   Like the kind that is all peaceful, calm,  in the moment and can gracefully do a headstand for 10 minutes.    Hot yoga is really tickling my fancy these days.

So What if I'm still addicted to Candy Crush?  So are the rest of you.

So What if I'm pretty much dying for chicken Shawarma?   I'm craving that salty, delicious goodness.  Must. Get. Soon.

So What if I almost busted a cap at Greek Express a couple weeks ago when I ordered a Greek salad with chicken shawarma and was informed that they indeed don't have shawarma?? ..... no shawarma of any type in fact.  What the what?    How is this allowed?  See.......if I was a legit yogi, I wouldn't be bothered by this.

So What if I'm in full fledged spring-clothing related tizzy?  Where are all of my spring clothes from last year?    I'm sure I'll hate them if I find them.  But seriously.  Where are they?

So What if I've slept a total of 8 hours in two nights?   I figure I'll sleep when I'm dead.

So What if I'm more concerned than I should be about Lemon Mint Leaf leaving B&BW?   I'm still scarred over the sudden disappearance of Summer Boardwalk last summer.

That's all I've got for now.  See ya from the Blue Ridge Mountains!


  1. I feel like every season I am like "OMG I have so much fall/winter/spring/summer clothes! I do NOT need more" but each time said season rolls around I'm all "what the HELL did I wear last year!?"

  2. Honey I did take a winter break from running and took up HOT YOGA and it was fabulous. My aching knees and hips thanked me for the change. However, as soon as the temperature consistently hit 40 degrees about three weeks ago, I dropped that HOT YOGA instantly and laced up my running shoes. Only difference now is my obsessions with Advocare Bio Tools!!! I have been taking Bio Tools everyday for the last three weeks while I hit the pavement running and I am pain free. I swear the Bio Tools is exactly what my hips and knees needed. It is going to be an awesome summer for running now that I have my Bio Tools. Now you should consider taking next winter off from your running and go full on with the Hot Yoga, you will love it!!

  3. I wish we lived closer! I want to go to hot yoga!

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