Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon for another week of SWW.

*So What if I ate that Cadbury dip and graham crackers for dinner on Sunday night?  It was a holiday.

*So What if I'm planning on packing the weekend with house-related projects during our upcoming KFW (kid free weekend)?

*So What if I'm thinking I need another monthly subscription box to look forward to.  Right now I've got Birchbox and PopSugar.  I'm thinking I need just one more box to look forward to.  Suggestions?  And for the record, I can see how this could be seriously addicting.

*Speaking of addictions...So What if I'm still wasting valuable time in the evenings playing Candy Crush?   According to my Facebook feed, so are the rest of you.

*So What if I sometimes get secretly annoyed at my yoga teacher?   Why is she so relaxed??  Teach me your ways, yogi.

*So What if I stalk Lulu's We Made Too Much page?  I very rarely bite but just need to make sure there are no life changing deals that I need to know about.

*So What if I'm sore as heck from Body Pump?  I took over a week off from weights and every muscle is barking.   Me likey.

*So What my if kids didn't get their picture taken with the Easter bunny this year?    We had a blast Easter weekend and that's what matters.  

*So What if I caved and am having an online Tupperware party?   I need another omelette maker.

What are you saying SW to today!?

And ps-  Last day to order to get your product by our 24 Day Challenge April 8th start date!  Don't miss out!


  1. You have to check out! It's a workout clothes monthly subscription. They're stuff is super cute and the closest to lulu quality that I've found...without being see thru, of course.

  2. Stride box! And I want an omelette maker!!!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations, Ladies!!