Monday, April 29, 2013

Blue Ridge Marathon Recap and Race Review- Part Two!

If you missed part one of this crazy race, you can read about it here.   So where did I leave off???    Oh yeah, we were trekking back down Star Mountain, right around mile 13.

 After this big descent,  things became a little uneventful for a few miles,  in comparison to the craziness that had just occurred.  It was hilly but for a brief moment, we weren't climbing a mountain or attempting to descend down a mountain.  Considering the overall terrain of the race, a few hills here and there would be classified as uneventful.

Around mile 17 or 18, we started up Peakwood hill,  which was amazing.   Basically a gorgeous, enormous hill, with houses that were pretty much breathtaking.  



Gorge.  And the cool thing is, the people who lived up here were so gracious and pretty much thought we were legit rock stars.  They cheered like no other, they had a bloody mary station set up at the top,  had PB&J sandwiches, cookies, gatorade, even Corona light.   They rocked.

So we are done with Peakwood and see mile 20.   If you are a marathoner, this is when you know that crap gets real.   This is known as "the wall."  Basically you are done.  You want the race to be done.  You have no idea how you can run another step, let alone 6.2 miles worth of steps.   You swear you'll never do this again.   Your knees feel like they may bust out of their sockets at any moment.   It's just the wall.  And you've hit it and you think you're done. 

But Blue Ridge will have none of that.     They won't acknowledge the wall, as seen here in exhibit a.   I personally loved this.  

Right about now, we are trudging along and once again see our favorite random fan club.  These ladies (and gent) somehow appeared out of nowhere about every 4 miles.  They were AWESOME.  They had their own music, cheered like once again, we were rock stars, and wore shirts that said "those who can't run...cheer!"

We couldn't resist a pic with them.  They were hilarious and quite possibly our biggest fans.  They kept yelling "here come the pink girls!"   

We ended up seeing them one last time around mile 25 and they had Europe's The Final Countdown blaring on their music get up.  LOVED it.  

After this, we headed towards the finish.  I must admit, the finish of this race did not contain a ton of fanfare.   It was awesome but not your typical 10 people deep blowing air horns, rocking finish line.    However, this was obviously due to the fact that the full marathon field was small.  

The after party was still great and we hung out for a bit before we headed to the room for a quick shower.

A couple finish line pics.  

Overall an awesome race, which I can't wait to do again next year.

And of course, if you know me, you know that no race is complete without a margarita.  Hand squeezed and all kinds of delciousness.

So there ya have it!  Blue Ridge Marathon recap!   This is a fairly new race (I believe under 5 years old).  I suspect the field will continue to grow once the running community really gets wind of how cool this race really is, how cute, quant and accommodating the city of Roanoke is, and how amazingly breathtaking the views are.   

What's next for me?   I have Cap City Half coming up this weekend and Cleveland Marathon coming up on May 19th.   

Stay tuned this week for my latest pre running product regime, a So What Wednesday, and a couple random shenanigan posts  thrown in.

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  1. Thank you for posting your recap. I'm running the BRM Half this April and, naturally, reading every possible blog about the race to see what I'm in for.