Sunday, April 7, 2013

24 DC Prep!

Tomorrow is the big day.  If you missed the explanation of the challenge, you can read about it here.   Today is the Sunday before we start which means today is PREP day.   I've said it a million times and I'll say it again.  With anything in life, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.  If you don't prepare for your challenge, you won't be successful.  End of story.  

With that being said, I do the challenge a few times a year so this isn't my first rodeo.   Here are some of my key pointers.

Step 1-     Go shopping!   For me, that means a big trip to Cosco.  I love the prices on their organic produce, hummus, frozen veggies, lean meats...the whole 9 yards.   I love their turkey and salmon burgers which contain no carbs, just meat and a tiny bit of salt and pepper.    I will also likely do a smaller trip to Trader Joe's later in the week.  

Step 2-   do not buy this....

Okay, I couldn't help myself.  Ha!  I will see to it that this is either gone or out of my sight by tomorrow a.m.   However, I needed one last "fix."

Step 3-   This is the important part- PREPARE!    Wash and cut your veggies.  Boil eggs, bake some chicken for quick salads, PLAN your dinners!

Here are my life changing Tupperware fridge containers with washed organic carrots, edamame, and grapes for easy snacking.  There is nothing worse than dying of starvation and having nothing prepped.    You will reach for something easy and crappy, its inevitable.    This makes it so easy to grab a handful of carrots and hummus to stave off hunger while dinner is cooking, etc.     Another thing I love about this, is that it forces my kids to snack healthier.  They always reach for grapes and carrots when they see them washed and pretty in the fridge.  

Have boiled eggs ready to roll!  I always boil 18 eggs the day before the challenge.   Between the husband and I, we go through these in about 3 days.   I always have them on hand.   They are such an easy, clean portable snack or breakfast.

Frozen grapes are my favorite after dinner snack when I'm craving something sweet.  I always keep individual servings of  grapes and bananas in the freezer.     Again, preparation is KEY. 

Make sure you have an overflowing fruit bowl!  So easy to reach for an apple when you are running out the door. 

Love these individual, microwavable servings of steel cut oats.  150 calories, no sugar, 4g of fiber and 5 g of protein.  I add  cinnamon and little almond butter and and it's such a satisfying, filling breakfast.  The serving is huge.  Again, Cosco!

Love these sprouted grain tortillas for turkey wraps and an occasional egg wrap.   The nutritional stats on these are awesome. Just make sure you limit to no more than one a day during the 10 day cleanse phase.

Plan your dinners!  I look at my week, check out my social obligations and plan accordingly.  I have a dinner tomorrow night so have already checked out the menu for cleanse friendly food.   Tuesday is soccer night so I'll be putting clean turkey chili in the crock pot in the afternoon so it's ready the second we all walk in the door.   Saturday morning is my big 20 mile run with my running group so Friday night will be a little more carb heavy.   Look at your life and plan.  

Step 4-  Lay it out!   Make sure that everything you need is accessible for the morning.   Lay it on your counter before bed.   Tomorrow morning, you need your Spark, Catalyst, and Fiber Drink.   I am going to hot yoga first thing in the morning so will have my Spark/ Catalyst upon waking and the fiber drink when I return home.  Just an fyi for those of you who work out in the morning.  Do not drink your fiber drink until after your workout.

Step 5-  Get a good nights sleep!   If you wake up tired tomorrow, you are already setting yourself up to reach for those sugars, coffees, and other things that are not compatible with the challenge.  Wake up rested and you will be much more likely to make healthy choices and stay on track.   Promise!


- Aim for 90 Percent Compliance .  If you get slightly off track, it's not over.  Get right back on track.  

- Stay connected to my Facebook group.  There is a ton of support there.   If you are struggling or need ideas, post!!!  We've all been there.   Message me if you haven't been added.    

- Print the grocery list and instructions out (available from FB group page) and have it accessible. Sometimes we can get off track by making an innocent mistake.   Know the guidelines. 

-Take it seriously.  You have made a financial and mental commitment.   Stay in the game and stay committed to your physical goals. 

- Carry water with you.  Everywhere.    You've heard it before and it's not rocket science.  We often mistake hunger with thirst.  Jazz it up with lemon or cucumber slices if you struggle with water.

-  Try and get your heart rate up 5-6 times a week. Even if it's a walk around the block.   Check out the  Advocare Can You 24 Video if you prefer home workouts.  It's 24 minutes and has a level for everyone.  I am sore every.single. time.  Love it.

-  Stay positive.   We are all in it together.   At the end of this 24 days, you'll be feeling lighter, more energetic, and happy!   Promise.  

If you haven't made the decision to join us, don't fret.  There is still time.   You could have your product by mid-week.   There are a handful of people in our FB group who are starting next Monday.  You will still have support.  


  1. How do I find your advocare challenge group on Facebook? I'm starting my challenge on Monday, and I'm doing it by myself, my boyfriend/roommate/personal chef, doesn't think he could pull it off, so I could use all the support, advice, meal ideas, etc I can get!

  2. I am interested in your Facebook page as well.

  3. I would also like to be added to the Advocare FB page please :)

  4. I would love to follow you on Facebook as well. There is an "advocare runner" page on FB, but doesn't appear to be yours... Loving this blog! We ordered our Challenge goods today, so I plan to spend the weekend recipe shopping and planning! Hanging your "Rules to Live By" on the pantry door!

  5. Yeah, duh, nevermind. Just saw the link towards the top of your page. Following on FB now! LOL

    1. Ha!! April, at any rate…..Thanks for the "like" and LOVE that you hung my Rules to Live By! That warms my heart more than you know! :)

  6. How can I join the fb group?

  7. Awesome tips and SO well organized! You make this 24 DC thing seem like a piece of cake:)). But don't eat it! Thanks for making this so doable.

  8. I'm interested in the FB group too

  9. I'm interested in the FB group too