Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner...and an iPhone dump

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Entry #47, Carolyn J!   Message me your address- and we'll get it in the mail!   And thanks so much to all of you who entered!   There will be more from where that came from.      For those of you who mentioned that you are dying to try Spark, I'll be doing a Spark giveaway in a couple of weeks.  Whoever wins, get ready to be addicted.

Quite the busy week around here....   Just a little preview of what we've been up to via the old iPhone dump.

1.  Most interesting Tupperware party ever.   Here we have our Tupperware "lady" who goes by the name Dee W. Eye, presenting my very favorite-est fridge containers.   And ps-   If you have never tried the fridge containers, you're missing out.   Go see my friend Jen.   The truly preserve your fruits and veggies based on how you vent the container.   I've had them for a few weeks and am amazed at how much less I'm throwing away veggies from the "graveyard" that is known as my crisper drawer.  

2.   My little monkey traipsing around in my booties.  And doing it with ease, I might add.

3.  Heinzerling Foudation benefit and a mug of yours truly standing beside my silent auction Advocare 24 Day Challenge and running products.   

4.  Yep, more of these happening again.   Samoas, why do I love thee?

5. The hubster and I at the PINK concert.  For those of you who have never seen her preform,  'Twas amazing.   She sang her heart out, flipped and twisted all over stage and pretty much has a body made of steel.  I was in awe.

6.  Um yeah. So this is happening.      He's a Double Doodle, meaning he's part Labradoodle, part Goldendoodle.  A fairly new breed but hypo allergenic and apparently loves to run.  He's 10 months old and potty trained, crate trained, etc.    Huge appeal there.    So yeah, not rational at all.   However, nothing worth having is ever easy and we love him and are headed to pick him up today.   Stay tuned.

I'll be back later with some Sunday Sentiments!

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