Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Stories

One of my favorite gals,  "E" graciously watched the kiddos for us last weekend while the hubs and I were at that little benefit I mentioned.   Now she is not your typical sitter.  She's no teen, she plays endless rounds of Uno, she sneaks cookies, ice cream, and other shenanigans.  She's basically a kid with some sense and maturity.     Obvi, my kids love her.   So when you have a good sitter like this, you pay her well.  (so she'll come back)

Lo and behold, I open my mailbox today to find this...

What the what?!  She refunded me a 20 spot indicating that I overpaid her!    Clearly, I'll be getting her back  because she rocks and she's worth that extra 20 spot.    And to my local friends, no I won't be sharing her digits.

So this little (giant), possibly temporary, wildebeest of a dog of ours loves to run!  I took him out for an easy little 2-ish mile run this a.m.   Just a little test drive, ya know?  He trotted right next to me, proud as a peacock.  And when we ended up at home, he looked at me as if to say "that's all ya got?"   If we keep him,  I feel like he will definitely end up my early morning summer training partner.   And a pic of he and K because they are pretty cute together.  

Tune in tomorrow for my running playlist and possibly some So What Wednesday, provided I get my act together.


  1. He is too cute for you not to keep him!!

  2. That's too funny about your sitter! We need a good sitter!