Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things I Love...Beauty and Grooming Edition

We all know I love me some products.    My close friends have heard about these shenanigans many 'o times but I figured I may as well share with the rest of the inner webs.

Do you guys know about this?

Fave mask ever...  The infamous Indian Healing Clay mask.    This has been deemed the "world's most powerful facial!" and has apparently been around for years.  I just discovered about a year ago and I must say that I agree.   I mix this with a tad of water and apple cider vinegar and spot treat over night.  Yes, the area will dry into a what is equivalent to cement.  However,  9 times out of 10, my giant zit has improved dramatically by morning.  

Next up we have Jergens 3 Days to Glow.

Love this.  This is a newer formula and does not give you that overly recognizable self-tanner smell that we all know.   It also gives some really good, natural color in 2-3 days.   I used this almost all of last summer and recently found it again at my local Target.    Sometimes it can be very hard to find which makes me love it all the more.   

I'm a self proclaimed lip gloss addict and this is one of my top 3 favorites.   Bare Minerals Tartlette.  

I realize this shade can look frightening if you are not into dark gloss.   Don't be scared.    This is such a great universal shade and I promise you it looks good on everyone.   Let's just say that I honestly applied it to all 12 women at my neighborhood Bunco one evening and it flattered EVERYONE.  No joke.

Chemical peels!   Yes, I do my own chemical peels at home.  Why pay $300 at a spa or the Derm when I can get the exact same percentage for a fraction of the price and do it at home?   Yes I know they are trained and all but I've been doing this for years and have figured out the exact point right before my face feels as if it's  going to burst into flames and immediately apply the neutralizer.   (If my mom is reading this, I'm totally getting scolded tomorrow.  She hates that I do this)    I love Makeup Artists Choice for their peels.  You can basically get any peel at any percentage.   It's good stuff.

Previously mentioned, but Epsom Salts.  I can't live without it and soak after every long run or anytime my body has taken a beating from exercise.   I swear that it even helps with bloating.    Go get yourself some.  Best $2 ever spent.    I always buy the Target Up and Up brand mainly because I'm there 12 times a week.  However, you can literally buy it anywhere.

I'm kind of embarrassed by how much I use the next product.   AND by the fact that it's made by Suave.   However, I have tried all of the high end dry shampoo's and was using Oscar Blandi forever until I discovered this.   Suave Dry Shampoo.     It is less than $3 and amazing.   The key is to really shake the bottle (like a polaroid picture) before you spray.  If not, you are going to see some white.    This definitely controls grease at the roots more than anything else I've tried.   Plus it gives serious volume, which I realize isn't even what this product is supposed to do.  An added bonus, for sure.

There we have it, friends.  My tried and true go- to's.

And a special yay for those of you who have decided to join us on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!  If you missed yesterday's post, you can read about it here!

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