Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Sentiments

Weekly Mileage-  38 miles.  Lots of foam rolling and epsom salt baths happening here. 
Max's weekly milage- 26 miles!   Is he awesome or what?

Does anyone with a toddler ever feel like this?  I love this little mostly sweet monkey of mine, but dang!... She was cray cray today.    She is now the ultimate authority on everything and has more demands than J-Lo's concert rider.   Come on.  I can't be alone.

Who else thinks we need a Vitamix?  The hubs got more entertainment out of the 3 of us standing paralyzed, frozen in time watching the Vitamix smoothie demo at Cosco earlier today than he did the actual demo.    The girls and I couldn't get enough.     

JCrew, I love you but why oh why do your prices continue to rise?    I really wanted this little striped sweater.  I mean, how cute for Easter weekend and all of the upcoming goodness that Spring has to offer?  Price tag?  $238.    Yeah, no.

Speaking of Spring, still waiting on that snow storm.  The weather man says tonight is the night so giddy up!   And really, I'm ready for it so I secretly wouldn't mind one last she-bang. 

Still 2 weeks left to commit to our big 24 Day Challenge group!  We start on April 8!   

See you back here tomorrow!

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