Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So What Wednesday!

Time for another link up with the lovely Shannon

                     *So what if you haven't entered my contest?   There's still time.  Do it now!

             *So what if I think that new wedge high top sneaker trend is legit fug?  What is going on here?

*So what if I still get excited for a snow day when it doesn't affect me in the least?  You would think I'm a first grade teacher in Minnesota.   There's still something magical and exciting about it.

*So what if I can't stop buying bib necklaces?   They make me happy.

*So what if I think my 6 year old "reading" to my 2 year old is the cutest.thing. ever?   2 year old intently listens and has no idea that 6 year old is winging half of it.  Melt.

*So what if my phone book is STILL on the porch?  I'm proving a point.  Ha!

So what if I'm going to a Tupperware party tomorrow night in which this is the host?  I kid you not.   Stay tuned for an update!


1 comment:

  1. Girl I want to hear about this party! And get a set (well two since it's BOGO) of those bowls. You will NOT regret it!!!