Friday, March 22, 2013

Iphone Dump

Linking up with my long time friend Jen for some Iphone happenings from the past week.

1.  Easiest Pinterest project ever.  Thanks to Katie for showing me her ways on the Instagram.                         Literally a $5 acrylic picture frame, pretty card stock, glue to bottom of "tray" and wallah.  A $6 project that looks adorable.

2.  #RunnerDog and 2 year old after his 5.25 miler.

3.  The time we thought we were still 21.   St. Patty's Day was a blast but dang, I'm not 21 anymore!

4.  Do you guys know about these?  Sally Hansen Salon Effects in French Mani?  Less than $10 and love!

5.   6 year old and grandma.  So sweet.

6.  A salute to my Social Work girls.  We save the world every day and I felt like it was high time we get some love.

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