Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Letters


Dear Max the #RunnerDog,   It really is like we are a match made in heaven.   I've wanted a #runnerdog my whole entire life and the fact that you have logged 23 miles by my side this week like it's NBD makes my heart happy.

Dear Weather Man,  Seriously?   3-6" on Sunday?  I'm know it's not your fault and I'm not mad atcha but c'mon.

Dear Shutterfly,   When you send me email reminders that I have a photobook in progress and it needs to be finished,  it really stresses me out.   Please stop that, mkay?   It's getting to the point that when I see your name in my inbox, I'm getting heart palpitations.

Dear cart coral at Kroger,  I hate when it's freezing and I think you are a decent parking spot and I get all excited to whip it in only to find that you are just a cart coral hidden behind a Yukon.

Dear Candy Crush,   Why are you so addicting?     Not only am I addicted but so is my 6 year old as well as everyone else in a 500 mile radius.    You are interfering with my tv watching and my writing in  and analyzing my planner.   You know, normal after the kids go to bed activities.     I'm all up in your grille and it's just not right.

Dear March Madness,  I do love that you make me think that I love basketball for a split second.    Then you're done and I'm back to thinking your season is too long and you're boring.

Dear Gretchen Rubin,   I love your daily quotes in my inbox.   Seriously, I feel like they were written just for me and they start my day off on a huge positive note.

Dear Casino,  I miss you, especially that beautiful red craps table of yours.    I know you  miss me too as evidenced by your non-stop flow of snail mail in attempts to seduce me back.

Stay tuned for Iphone dump!  Two posts in one day!?  What, what??

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