Monday, March 25, 2013

24 DC Snow Day Special!

Morning Sunshines!   When I woke up on day 1 of Spring Break to see this....

I knew it was time for a little Spark in our lives.

Today only, I am running a 24 Day Challenge snow day special.     If you order your challenge by midnight tonight, I am throwing in a FREE box of Spark.  This is at least a weeks' supply, depending on how addicted you become! :)     We start our next group challenge on Monday April 8, which is TWO weeks from today.

No better time to start than after the gluttony of Spring Break and Easter weekend and BEFORE we enter bathing suit season.  The timing is perfect.

It's simple, really.   Order your challenge here.   If you missed what the challenge is about, you can read about it here.    I personally deliver or mail your Spark in plenty of time for you to have it by our April 8 start date.   I add you to our private FB group, you receive lots of support and input on snack ideas, recipes, etc.   You receive a detailed grocery list, daily instructions, and meal ideas.   We will all be in this together, which is the BEST way to do this.   The hubby and I always do it together, which is hugely beneficial.  There is nothing worse than eating grilled chicken and veggies, while your significant other is eating pizza.   It is so much easier to do this with someone.  Promise.

Now is the time, peeps.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.     TODAY is the day!