Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So What Wednesday!

I figured it was high time that I participated in my friend, Shannon's weekly link up.  Every week, her posse basically says So What? to some of the little, comical things in life.

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying So What if....

* I wiped my two year olds runny nose on my sleeve at Target.   Not once but not more times than I can count on one hand either.   Desperate times call for desperate measures.

*I had margaritas, chips, and queso for dinner while at an Advocare training.  We were in Texas and it   couldn't be helped.

*I've put away all of my winter coats in attempt to expedite spring.

*And on that note, I'm counting down the days until we spring forward.  19 days to go. Hollah!

*I have been Pinteresting like it's my job, yet haven't created a thing in months.

*My monthly subscription box addiction is growing.  I clearly blame Jennifer.

*I'm seriously going through withdrawal missing Breaking Bad.  Seriously, I yearn for the feeling of seeing unwatched episodes on my Netflix.   Now we've got nothin'.

What are you saying So What to??


  1. I'm laughing because I've been doing the same with Pinterest too. My cousin asked, "seriously, are you going to DO any of this crap or do you just like pinning?" Enjoyed your post. Stopping by from the SWW link-up and now following via GFC. :-)

  2. Following ya back! And love that we both love someecards. I can't stop trolling the site! They are perfect! :)