Monday, January 16, 2017

The January's.... And how we're gonna beat 'em.

Who has 'em?   "The January's" that is.

Don't know what I'm talking about?    Consider yourself lucky.

For the rest of us....

Dark mornings, dark evenings, holiday fun is long gone,  the kids are caged animals, the pants are feeling tight,  fatigue, insomnia...   throw in a cold or flu ('tis the season) and we've got ourselves a case of the the January's.

But guess what?     We're in control of those January's.

We are.

So let's turn it all around.    Today.    Life is too short to just let the January's do their thing.  
  We've got this, friends.

Let's do it.

1.   Move the body.  

  Sorry.  Nothing earth shattering here.      We all know that moving the body produces serotonin.   It also releases those feel good endorphins that we all crave. 
   Endorphins alone combat stress and depression.   
Improved memory, improved focus.... shall I go on?
   None of this even has to do with the cosmetic or improved physical appearance aspect of regular exercise.    
  That, my friends, is just an added bonus.    
 So seriously. 
  Give yourself 30 minutes.  
As in ErrrrDay.
   Start today and commit till February 1st.   
  Give us 16 days.      I'm pretty sure you'll keep going.   Pretty sure you'll be happier too.

2.  Acts of Kindness

Nothing boosts the spirit like a little selfless act of kindness for another human.     
Do SOMETHING kind every day.  
 It doesn't have to be fancy, cost money, or even take much time.
Just. do. something.

**Give a compliment.   Even better?  Give a compliment in front of others.   Immediate mood boost for everyone.

**Leave a note in your kiddos lunch box telling them the reasons they're amazing.   (my monkeys absolutely LOVE this little surprise and I'm immediately happy when I take the time to do it.)

**Let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery, etc.

**Reach out to an old friend.    Better yet, send a card.  Who doesn't love good, old fashioned, unexpected snail mail??

**Take an annoying task or chore off of your partners to do list.

**Offer to pick something up at the store for an overwhelmed friend or neighbor.

**Give someone a genuine "thank you."   

The options are endless.  Really.

You get the idea.    A daily act.   It's infectious.

3.  Fun

Have some.   
Always have something fun on the calendar to look forward to.    Always.
Getting together for lunch with a friend.
A trip.
A massage.
Anticipating a good book.


Even when you don't want to go have fun and would much rather stay in your warm cozy house and it's January.   Get out there.    I promise you won't regret it.

4.   Fill those nutritional gaps

MNS 3 and Omegaplex are my God sends.   Truly.
Everything you ever need in the MNS 3 strip.    Vitamins, minerals, probiotic, appetite control, energy...  MNS is everything.    

Since we're talking about the January's... lets talk about the benefits on our mood.
Studies show everything from decreased anxiety, decreased depression, and an improvement in overall sense of well being.

We essentially ARE everything we put in our bodies.   The good, bad, and ugly.   

If you're ready to take the plunge on either of these,  get yourself signed up as a preferred customer BEFORE you order.    20% off anything you ever order,  several flavors of Spark to sample, and some other goodies.   All for $19.   No catch.  I promise.

5.   Kill a nagging task and create some order.

When we're in the midst of the January's, those nagging tasks become even more annoying, ya see.

Commit to ONE nagging task a day.

Clear off the pile on the desk that's been annoying you for days.
Donate the stuff that's cluttering your house (and mind).     
Make the dentist and doctor appointments that you've been procrastinating.
You guys get my drift.   Take action and do something daily. 

6.  Be Nice to YOU

Go easy on yourself.    
We ALL need some self care.
Get your yoga on.    Journal.  Spend 10 minutes a day of quiet before the days chaos erupts.
Take time to breathe.   

 And when we screw up, snap at the kiddos, eat the cookie...  we must be nice to ourselves.
 It's over.   
Start anew.

At the end of the day.... our time is short... no matter how you look at it.
Be happy.
The only person that can truly make that happen, is you.

January's, be gone!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

It's On

The Countdown, that is.

Per usual, we've got a huge nationwide 24 Day Challenge going down in a hot second.

I... for one... need it "real bad."      In summary,  I've been hanging out in places like this...

And eating things like this...  
like more than once a week...

Veal meatball with all the cheese...  Prrrrrrettty much my favorite food in the 614. 
  #winebistro meatball.   
We're very, very happy together.  

Oh and we've been doing some of this...

And we may have made 14,000 of Buckeyes and considering that I'm obsessed with peanut butter that's not a good thing.

Don't make eye contact....

So clearly... I'm ready for January 2nd.

Still thinking about joining us??

Check out this loot.

Free goodies for ordering the challenge.   Meal prep food containers, a shaker bottle, tape measure, and a handy dandy challenge guide.

And can we seriously talk about the new giant Catalyst??

As you know, Catalyst is my favorite.   So the fact that it's basically now a giant version of it's original makes me pretty  much giddy.

The more the merrier and if you have questions re: what to

On a not so positive note, my ankle looks like this...

And it's making me grumpier than a Grumpy McGrumperson.

What started out as a simple shin splint, turned into a horrible shin splint, and now it's moved its way down to my ankle and now we have...
Club foot?  A cankle?   Nobody knows for sure.

However, this is basically my new uniform while in the privacy of home.

Round the clock compression sleeves with silver sparkly slippers is actually helping.   Things are looking better and definitely feeling better.

 Don't know what you got till it's gone.  
It's been 5 days and I miss it.

Back to the positive...

Le Tote.

Ever heard of it?

Those people at Le Tote are offering a FREE tote to bloggy readers. 

I have my first tote and liked 3 out of 5 items.  Verdict is still out but I'll likely do another tote for good measure.    

Nothing to lose.  

Cancel after two weeks and send back your loot.    

Complete your info and style profile here and your tote will be in route in 2 days.   I was shocked at how fast shipping was.  

If you try it out, I wanna hear the deets on what you think.

Hope you're having a magical holiday season.  
 Don't forget to breathe, soak it all in, and shake off the little things.    They won't matter in a week.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just Start

Hi Friends!

Are we all recovered from Turkey Day?!

And the Virtual Turkey Trot????

And the Christmas chaos that began overnight??

Believe it or not, I started early and believe it or not I'm 90% done.

I know!

However,  you know what this means?

One for you... one for me....and... one for you... one for me.

Don't judge but the sales are dang good right now.

And remember how I told you guys about Ebates???

If you aren't on Ebates, get there STAT.     They pay you a percentage of your purchase price for going through their link to get to your online retailer.       You get anywhere from 1% to 25% back.  
  It's truly free money.        

Just a tiny little example... 
I ordered Birchbox for $10 as gift for a friend.    Ebates paid me $2.50 for ordering what I was going to order any way.
I mean?

But more importantly...

Who is going ALL IN again with me come January 2nd??

Annual Nationwide  24 Day Challenge.  

Order the challenge bundle before December 20th and FREE shipping for you.  

We do this every year and there is simply no better way to start off the year.

Trust me, we'll all be feeling less than stellar come January 1.  

Meal ideas, support, trash talk...rinse and repeat.  

Nothing not to love here.

Aren't getting a discount?      Not to beat a dead horse, but $19 gets you a whole lot of extra goodies AND 20% off anything you order, INCLUDING your challenge.    Do it here...

More later but wanted to give you guys the good stat.


Happy Thursday!  Love you, miss you, mean it.   

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

On deck!... 3rd Annual AdvoRunner Virtual Turkey Trot!

I love this little tradition!

Last year was bigger and better and I can't wait to see what unfolds this year!

The rules....

The rules are easy! 

1. Run or walk (just move forward) a minimum of a 5k (3.12 miles) on Thanksgiving Day. This can be in the form of an actual organized Turkey Trot race or you can go out on your own and knock out those miles. 
2. Post your pic (can be a medal, a selfie, just something to show you've logged your miles) on the Instagram or on the Advorunner Facebook page with  #AdvorunnerTurkeyTrot

3. Brag to the world that you started your day off with a bang and eat that pumpkin pie with a little less guilt. 

Two Prizes involved this year... 
1. One 10 day cleanse! Who doesn't need to do a 10 day cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas????
2. My favorite running product with a side of Spark... 1 bottle of 02Gold and 1 box of Spark!
If you want these goodies before your turkey trot, get the goodies here...

**One of my monkeys will complete the drawing for the winners that weekend.

Get your plan down! We're all in it together!

Last years trot...

Brace yourselves.. 

It's obviously election day.

No matter what you do, get out there and vote.   

Oh, and stay off Facebook.    
Regardless of what happens, it's going to be a war zone later.   
It just is.

We all know this.    

But you know what?

It's all going to be okay.    

Regardless of what happens..  
It's all going to be okay. 

Countdown to T-Day and the Turkey Trot is officially ON!

We''ll run our trot and this will be us...

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Sentiments

Hey friends!


Busting out the old Sunday Sentiments!

What a gorgeous weekend here in the 614.

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-   Crossfit....   And... my glutes are still on fire from kettle bell thrusters.   (Who does that?)

Saturday-   Crossfit and some serious stretching.

Sunday-   3 mile recovery run.        Basically a shake out run at a slow pace to get the blood moving and alleviate some serious soreness that was setting in.   

ps-  A little Advorunner tip-    If you aren't really supposed to be running or working out because you very boldly proclaimed that you were taking a rest day...   Always call it a "shake out run" and no one can question a thing.  
 They just can't.  No one questions a shake out run.   Who would do that?
 And if they do...  remember our old strategy... it's just 3 "little" miles.    No one can question "little" miles.   They just can't. 

Who else watched the NYC Marathon today?


Huge congrats to my boo, Sue, on running her second NYC marathon.     I stalked her on the app all day and couldn't decide if I should cry for her or be jealous.     I then did what any other irrational runner would do and I got online and entered the sweepstakes to win an entry for next year.    All for good measure.
The lottery isn't open yet, ya see.    But when it is... I'm thinking we all need to lottery.   

I also did the most amazing thing and went to True Rest Float Spa  and holy cow, you guys.. it was awesome.      
Have no idea what I'm talking about??

This "pod" is filled with 1000 lbs of Epsom salt in 180 gallons of water.   (ps-Remember how I'm obsessed with Epsom salt??..   I'm thinking this was kinda made for me.)  
 This combo creates an amazingly therapeutic weightless environment with ZERO stimulus.   Nothingness, if you will.       In summary, you're weightless, and warm, in a pod of no noise, no stimulus, truly... "nothingness."    
Now for someone who never stops moving, I thought there was no way in the history of the world that this could work for me.  
  But honestly... it did.   
 In fact, I almost fell asleep several times and was only woken but the jerk of my own body.    
The tension melted away and I kinda walked out of there feeling like gumby.   Remember him?
And... I slept like a newborn baby infant straight from the womb last night.      I did.

If you live here in the C-bus, you're going to need to try this phenomena immeed.   Locations at Easton and in the Powell bubble.  
There are also other locations around the country so check it out here.  

Real Housewives people... Did you know Tamra Judge is obsessed with our products?    Cuz she is.

She may or may not be a part of our team.    And....
She may or may not look off the hook ridiculously amazing.    #goals

Speaking of products... apparently Snickerdoodle AND Caramel Macchiato Meal Replacement Shakes are both sold out...   I know.

Now #dontcryformeArgentina, I've got a handful left.   However,  for those of you who missed the boat... I'm hoping and praying that they bring these back at least temporarily because I need you all to love these as much as me.

So daylight savings time...
Once again, we meet ....

Guess what else coming back???   AdvoRunner Virtual Turkey Trot is in the house.  #whatwhat

Deets to come!

Happy Sunday, friends!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

So What Wednesday!? With Pics For Good Measure.

So What if I've become a full on, self proclaimed  Indians fan?   Total #bandwagon. 
I really don't like those bandwagon people like me, but... sorry it's majorly awesome and exciting.
Plus, how cute is this...?

THE perfect bandwagon fan attire.     A "fan" but not off the hook.   

So What if I'm majjjjorly addicted to the new Snickerdoodle Meal Replacement Shake?  

Holy cow.     Blend with ice and about 9 oz of water and I swear I'm on that Seinfeld episode where they thought they were eating fro yo but it all turned out to be 5 zillion calorie ice cream.    I'm really hoping this isn't a milkshake in disguise.
Seriously though,  I typically use these as a snack.   210 calories and 24 g of protein.   Super filling but not quite enough calories for a meal for me and my crazy workout agenda.     Versatile, perfect for on the go, and  amazing mug-cake style.

ps-  This is a seasonal, limited time item so you guys  know the drill....if you want them, get 'em now because they'll be gone in a hot second.

pss-  If you aren't a preferred customer yet, you've gotta get on that train stat.   You're basically losing hard earned money.

Before you order these bad boys... do yourself a large and create your account.    It's $19 but you're getting Spark and some goodies to sample AND 20% off anything you order.   Forever.  

So What if I'm hoping the 10 year old decides to abandon all other sports and become a runner?   
We spent Saturday morning engaged in a glorious little 5k and all was right in the world.   #dreamsdocometrue

So What if it's November and we should all be wearing shorts and flip flops?    It's basically 80 degrees here in the midwest and that, accompanied with all major retailers having their halls fully decked...  Well, it's enough to induce serious confusion and panic.   
The scene...  errrwhere...

So What if I'm still obsessed with my yoga girl Adriene?    I've basically convinced myself that we're real life friends.    She has a short yoga video for every possible problem.   I kid you not.     If you don't know her, you're gonna need to.     Remember at the beginning of the year when we did the 30 days of yoga program?     Will definitely be going back to that again.

For now, I just dabble in whatever my problem of the day happens to be.   However, I loved the accountability and consistency of the 30 days.   

Have an amazing Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So What Wednesday!?

I can't even believe it myself!  

Ready, set, go!

So What if (with a very straight face) I inquired on the idea of an adult gymnastics class to the gymnastics coach of the little one.    I basically said it's not fair that us crazy moms that used to love gymnastics have zero options for fun filled flipping and shenanigans.      He empathized and I swear I saw something in his eyes that said "Dang, I wish this was my idea..."   I kid (kinda), but seriously...  Stay tuned.  I'm not giving up and this may be a new "thing."     

So What if I'm straight up addicted to Draft Kings?    You guys, I feel like I may need to become a professional at betting on football.    I mean... 8th place out of 1,200 teams?  159th place out of 29,000!?      Sorry, but this can't be luck.   Yes, I realize these are the words of every  gambler.   But seriously.   What if this is where my natural talent lies and I've missed my calling?   (okay, I can't even type that part with a straight face.  Yet, the gymnastic thing.. poker face and all business.)  

So What if the Brad / Angelina split is already boring me?      I hate to quote a very raunchy instagrammer but he kinda said it best....  In summary, and in the G rated version...    " If a ridiculously good looking couple with symmetrical faces, perfect body parts,  and enough money to move to outer space can't be happy,  we're all SOL." 

So What if I haven't really watched a real TV show in months but am suddenly obsessed with the new show called This is Us?    If you missed the pilot last night... it airs again on Saturday.   Do yourself a large and at least set the DVR, or firestick, or sling,  or whatever it is everyone is doing these days.      Then come back so we can talk about it.  

So What if I panic on the regular about how tall and grown up my almost 10 year old is?   And how little/ yet big the 6 year old is?    Ladies with kids, I know you get me.  
    Ladies without kids, one day if/ when  you have kiddos, I promise you'll feel the panic too.    It's universal.    Time flies and no one believes it until they're in the depths of trying to raise kind, well rounded humans.    Then the panic of the time flying sets in.     
You know the sweet little elderly lady in the grocery store who smiles at you and your  monkeys (who are likely probably wearing you out at that exact moment and you're wondering why you can't just go buy what you need in peace without explaining why we aren't buying gummy bears in bulk 10 minutes before dinner)? 
Yes,  that lady.   Then she says "aww.. enjoy them.. they grow up so fast.  Mine sure did."  
And even then, you barely believe the lady because you're tired and they're acting like toddlers, which is basically the equivalent of owning your own real life monkey.  Oh and the days are long but the years are short but you don't know any of this yet.      
Then when you least expect it, something happens and the days get shorter and the kids get taller and start wiping their own butts and wanting to shop at Justice and then... the panic sets in.   The panic of "Wow, this actually IS all  going too fast and am I soaking it all in enough?  What will they remember?   Is this enough?  Oh no!  Panic!"    

...See how that all happens??

So What if I'm now on a steroid for this God-forsaken poison ivy and it's barely making a dent?   Clearly, this was high octane Ivy I got tangled up in.   I know you're all on the edge of your seats with my poison ivy saga but seriously, there's gotta be another way.

ps-   Next 24 DC starts October 3rd.   More on that to come!

Love ya, miss ya, mean it!