Saturday, October 3, 2015

Did You Know?

Hey girl, hey...

Did you know that I've joined the October Mileage Challenge?  AND I want you to join me?

We've got 31 days, friends.    The month is our oyster. 

October 3rd. Tally for me thus far = Zero Miles.   So there's that...   #CrossfitLife

But seriously... 1/2 marathon this month.  Plus amazing fall running weather.   

100 Miles.  

Let's do it.

Roger That.

That my mail situation is  out of control?

You guys, enter Rocksbox 

Do you wanna buy every single piece that Kendra Scott produces?      Only... you've gotta be somewhat responsible and somehow refrain from doing exactly that??

This is why we all need Rocksbox.'s off chuhzaine, doe.

So... hear me out. 

First things first, those amazing peeps at Rocksbox have  offered all you AdvoRunner blog readers a FREE month with code 


The code is live and ready to roll.


No commitment.  Cancel any time.  They're just being nice.   And..... want us to fall in love with Rocksbox, but that's neither here nor there. 

So....if you decide to stay with Rocksbox, you pay $19 per box after you're done with your freebie.      Each box contains 3 amazing pieces of jewelry, based on your profile.   You wear it till you're bored, send it back, rinse and repeat.  OR... you keep a piece and automatically get $10 of your $19 credited towards the piece of jewelry that you decided to keep.

I just got my first box and am kinda in love with all 3 pieces.  Which is frightening and exhilarating
 for what's to come.  

That there's been a serious discovery involving a bootleg Pumpkin Spice Latte?    Discovered by my girl, Nealy...  On the Pinterest... for all to know and love.

Oh My...

280 calories... and a whole lotta goodness.

Here's what we need... 

1 packet Coffeeccino

10 oz Water, ice, shake or blend.   TTTD...

That right NOW is a great time to start a 24 Day Challenge?   If not now....when?  The holidays are coming, friends.  And they're typically never pretty.

Newbies, join us on the FB board... we need some new meat!    

Remember when I tried the Lean in 13 Program?    And hated every minute??

I'm "dabbling" with the thought of giving it another whirl.  

I mean... it's 13 Days for the love of the land.

For those of you who have done it..and completed it, I wanna hear about it.

I get emails on the reg asking about LI13 and I hate that I pretty much have to say...

I've got nothin....

So yes, let's talk about this.

That fall is awesome?    Warm weather people, I'm real sorry you've gotta hear us midwest and east coast peeps blabbing about fall all over the Insta and FB for 2 months.    Love us through it.  
  Technically, it all evens out in the winter when we're walking 10 miles uphill in the blizzard of 2016 to get to work.

First there's the candles (duh.)

ps-  I'm convinced that Salted Caramel is pretty much my beloved and extinct Summer Boardwalk in disguise.   Not 100% but close enough to make me super happy.

The Indoorsy sweatshirt is back in action.

Oh and if this right here isn't reason enough, I don't know what is.

Ya Feel??

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is This Thing On? An Update

No seriously.   This summer has been ridiculously busy.   And ridiculously fun.

   But no srssly... in the meantime, this blog has gone to hell in a handbag.

 Remember when I used to post 2-3 times a week?   
Sniff.   I miss that.

What's happened to us?

Truth be told, the Instagram  is kinda taking over the bloggy world.  Sad but true.   You can keep up with your peeps multiple times a day.   It's quick, easy, portable.   Errrbody doing it.     

But yes, where've I been?     

Hanging with those monkeys.

I swear they both grew 2 feet this summer.

Doing a whole lotta Advocare-ing.

I know it seems like the blog and social media are my main Advo- related squeezes but that couldn't be farther from the truth.   The good stuff comes in grass roots relationships and conversations.    Promise.   I love the social media world but nothing replaces the in real life and on the phone stuff.   It just doesn't.      Now granted, I've made a whole lotta fabulous connections from the bloggy/ social media world and I love that more than Oprah loves (loved?) biscuits.  

Crossfitting, Running, and Yoga-Ing

Here's the deal.   I've made a very responsible "big girl" decision....

I've deferred my Chicago Marathon entry until next year....

I know...!?!?

But the real deal is...  I wasn't enjoying my long runs.  In fact, I was dreading them.    And squeezing them in without thought, here and there and whenever I could.

I wanted to be at Crossfit, yoga, running 5 or 6 miles.... basically ANYWHERE but squeezing in the 14, 16, or 18 mile run that I was supposed to be doing.

The old me would have muscled through.

The new me said... "meh... Not feeling it.. I'm gonna spend my time doing what I enjoy."   

So I deferred.  Then I immediately drummed up a group to run the Columbus Half Marathon with me.   
  You know I can't NOT do a fall race.   A full marathon felt daunting this year.   The Columbus Half feels amazing.  
My runs are good.  I still have time for Crossfit and the other physical stuff I love.

So as far as I'm concerned, winning.   All around.  

This is the first year in forever I haven't ran a full.   And I'm okay with it.

Keep Collective-Ing

I have no idea how this happened.   But I've somehow built a little team.    And I swear it's fun.  I blame the Cali girls.   

Want in on my little KEEP gig?     $149 for a whole lot of goodies, which makes you a designer.   Pretty much everything I've done has been online.   I've made back my $149 investment a zillion times.   I can't make this up.  Did I mention it's way fun?   

And lastly....

You guys, I'm obsessed with FanDuel.   I wish I were joking.   

Now that NFL football is full throttle, this is kinda the best thing ever.    

Umm.... is that Advorunner in first place out of 100 playaaaah's for all of Sunday night?    Yes.  Yes it is.

Love football?   You need FanDuel in your life immediately.   Find me.  Let's go head to head.  I'm cereal.

Obvi-  my Advo boys, 'specially Drew, are my picks every time.

Anyway, I miss you guys and now that summer is over, I'm hoping to be back to regular blogging.   Seriously.   

Let's be BFF's again....
Love you, miss you, mean it....

The end.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Sentiments... Back from the DFW, Random Stuff, and Chocolate/ PB Mug Cake (Oh Mylanta)

Hey cats!

Back from Dallas and ready to roll!

The highlights-

Having all of Six Flags over Texas to ourselves.    Yes.    Advo rented out the entire park for leasdership team.   


So yes, imagine just rolling up to an awesome coaster that would otherwise have a 2 hour wait....   Basically the most stressful decision involved was "hmmm....which seat do I want?"

Full on Spark/ Rehydrate bar/ OTG bar.    Yes, please.  

Meeting these two... whom I've "known" for two plus years.   But we've never met in real life.

We connected over this here world wide web.   All three of us love the Advo and all three of us do the bloggy thing.   It was only natural that we became internet BFF's. 

Lauren  and Niki, you guys are awesome.

Becoming even more obsessed with Rich Froning.

He basically walked on stage on his hands...

And then proceeded to complete  "heavy" Isbabel.  Which means he did 30 snatches at 225 lbs in 4 minutes and change.    Fellow Crossfit kool aid drinkers... you know how crazy this is.

Spent some time with some amazing ladies.

And learned a whole lotta new stuff.

Absolutely amazing.   

Pss-   Wanna have your mind blown?

Mix a packet of this with 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk, spray coffee mug with cooking spray, microwave for 2 minutes, flip onto plate, top with 1 tbsp natural nut butter.  

Oh Lordy.    350 ish calories and a truck load of protein.

What else?

Weekend Workouts?


A whole bunch.  

Oh and look who's back?

#RunnerDog back in action.  (what, what?)

Speaking of Running...

WHEN are Rehydrate Gels coming back?   Anyone?  Anyone?  

Next group challenge starts the Tuesday after Labor Day.    Yes.  Yes.   

Come play with us.   

I'll leave you with this.   

Don't you love?

Talk soon,


Thursday, August 6, 2015

10 Things. From 20,000+ Feet Above

1.   I miss you guys profusely.   

Like hard core.    Turns out July is the busiest month in the history of the world.   I feel like I've barely had time to pee.    Basically.    But it's kinda my own fault.
   Wanna know what I've been up to?   The Insta will fill ya in.      Not on the Insta?  Ride your prehistoric dinosaur on over there and get yourself an account asap. 
 It's basically the new blog.  And the new Facebook.  
  Find me-   Advorunner.  
 And let's be best friends.

2.      Who else is joining us in Dallas/ Ft Worth, y'all!?  

An amazing event.  Always.    I'm pretty much DYING to hear the new product release.   Oh and to see my Crossfit boyfriend, Rich Froning.   

     If you're there,  I wanna hear all about it and I'll probably be stalking you on the Insta.    Don't be scared.

3.    Who else is in the heart of summer marathon training?   

  Eeek.    My training has been Slim Shady at best.   Still fitting in the miles, so don't cry for me Argentina.    But still.      Remember how I bite off more than I can chew sometimes?   I think I did that.      Just now.    And my whole life.   But we knew that.

4.   Speaking of marathon training.... WHEN is my  Rehydrate  Gel gonna be back in stock? 
   I can't live like this and am legit openly hoarding the little stash that I have left.

Part of me thinks it's actually discontinued and those Advo peeps are gonna announce some kind of new life-changing replacement tomorrow night.      Anyone else have this theory?  

5.    You guys, this combo is Off the #ChizzaneDoe.

No idea why it's the best thing ever.  It just is.

Iced green tea.   Green apple Spark.

The End.

6.       WHO is up for a mini cleanse????    

 Going down on Monday.   I'm due.    Haven't done a mini cleanse yet???  It's all the rage.

Go check out my Insta page for the specific deets.

  3 days.   No big deal.     You can do anything for 3 days.   

From the product graveyard....

You need:

 6 Probiotic Restore
3 Fiber Drinks
6 Omegapex (I usually take more when I'm feeling haggard)
6 Herbal Cleanse tablets (3 packs)

It's going down on Monday.     And like Flo Rida said... It's Going Down for Real...

7.    Speaking of the Flo Rida...

What songs are you guys loving these days?   

Speaking of songs, a little birdie keeps telling me I need Apple Music.  

Is this true?   

And does the thought of not having your ITunes library on your phone at all times give you a heart attack?  

Cuz it does me.

8.    I've had a handful of requests for some #Runnerdog action lately.  

He's still here, folks.  

And he misses you too.  Stay tuned for more pics and shenanigans of that goofball.   Just like the olden days.
ps-- He's had a wig busting since this pic.  Unfortunately, they've turned him into a poodle temporarily.   
   I pretty much thought they gave me the wrong dog.  
Not even really kidding.

9.  Ummm... KEEP's fall line went live today.  

 I'm way pumped about the anti-bullying KIND campaign.  Seriously.  Love everything about this.

And this...

Oh and this...

And this...

This whole initiative makes me happy.     As much as I love the movie....real life mean girls terrify me.   One ring leader and an impressionable group of followers, no matter how big or small, and your sweet baby's life can be a living hell in the blink of an eye.  
     Luckily we haven't had to deal with this and I pray we never do.    As I hope you don't either.    
But as a mama bear of two girls, it's a scary thought.     Mama bear's, I know you relate.

10.      I know this is a super short post but I just felt the need to say hi.

 And tell you that I miss you and that life is gonna settle down here in a hot second and I'll be back to more regular posting.   Just like the good old days.   
In the meantime,  I hope your summer has been magical and funderful. 
   Even though these kiddos go back to school next week, I refuse to let summer go.       8 more weeks of solid sunshine would be fabulous.

Love you, miss you, mean it!