Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So What Wednesday!?

I can't even believe it myself!  

Ready, set, go!

So What if (with a very straight face) I inquired on the idea of an adult gymnastics class to the gymnastics coach of the little one.    I basically said it's not fair that us crazy moms that used to love gymnastics have zero options for fun filled flipping and shenanigans.      He empathized and I swear I saw something in his eyes that said "Dang, I wish this was my idea..."   I kid (kinda), but seriously...  Stay tuned.  I'm not giving up and this may be a new "thing."     

So What if I'm straight up addicted to Draft Kings?    You guys, I feel like I may need to become a professional at betting on football.    I mean... 8th place out of 1,200 teams?  159th place out of 29,000!?      Sorry, but this can't be luck.   Yes, I realize these are the words of every  gambler.   But seriously.   What if this is where my natural talent lies and I've missed my calling?   (okay, I can't even type that part with a straight face.  Yet, the gymnastic thing.. poker face and all business.)  

So What if the Brad / Angelina split is already boring me?      I hate to quote a very raunchy instagrammer but he kinda said it best....  In summary, and in the G rated version...    " If a ridiculously good looking couple with symmetrical faces, perfect body parts,  and enough money to move to outer space can't be happy,  we're all SOL." 

So What if I haven't really watched a real TV show in months but am suddenly obsessed with the new show called This is Us?    If you missed the pilot last night... it airs again on Saturday.   Do yourself a large and at least set the DVR, or firestick, or sling,  or whatever it is everyone is doing these days.      Then come back so we can talk about it.  

So What if I panic on the regular about how tall and grown up my almost 10 year old is?   And how little/ yet big the 6 year old is?    Ladies with kids, I know you get me.  
    Ladies without kids, one day if/ when  you have kiddos, I promise you'll feel the panic too.    It's universal.    Time flies and no one believes it until they're in the depths of trying to raise kind, well rounded humans.    Then the panic of the time flying sets in.     
You know the sweet little elderly lady in the grocery store who smiles at you and your  monkeys (who are likely probably wearing you out at that exact moment and you're wondering why you can't just go buy what you need in peace without explaining why we aren't buying gummy bears in bulk 10 minutes before dinner)? 
Yes,  that lady.   Then she says "aww.. enjoy them.. they grow up so fast.  Mine sure did."  
And even then, you barely believe the lady because you're tired and they're acting like toddlers, which is basically the equivalent of owning your own real life monkey.  Oh and the days are long but the years are short but you don't know any of this yet.      
Then when you least expect it, something happens and the days get shorter and the kids get taller and start wiping their own butts and wanting to shop at Justice and then... the panic sets in.   The panic of "Wow, this actually IS all  going too fast and am I soaking it all in enough?  What will they remember?   Is this enough?  Oh no!  Panic!"    

...See how that all happens??

So What if I'm now on a steroid for this God-forsaken poison ivy and it's barely making a dent?   Clearly, this was high octane Ivy I got tangled up in.   I know you're all on the edge of your seats with my poison ivy saga but seriously, there's gotta be another way.

ps-   Next 24 DC starts October 3rd.   More on that to come!

Love ya, miss ya, mean it!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday Sentiments!

It's happening!   

Just like the good old days.

Weekend Workouts:

Friday-  4 mile run/  20 minutes of driveway Crossfit.  
ps-  Anyone familiar with Man Maker's?    
Sweet Francis.
Google them.    Then do 30 of them with an alternating lunge on both legs in between each rep.    
You'll be able to bounce a quarter off your butt within the hour.    Or not walk.   One or the other.   But if neither happens, you've done it wrong.  
Saturday- Community WOD at Crossfit.
Sunday-  3 lazy, fun filled miles with #Runnerdog.   Remember him!?

He's still running, that #Runnderdog.
Then he comes home and does this....

ps-  Does anyone else's crazy dog physically open up their own crate door with their nose, proceed to get in unprompted, and then take a long nap equivalent to that of a grizzly bear?    #AskingForAFriend..  

We also had our fair share of the normal weekend shenanigans which included gymnastics, soccer, church, grocery shopping, emailing, shenanigan-ing, haircuts, and what seems to be 400 other tasks and activities packed into 48 hours.   Ya feel?  

We're also trying to turn this summer into fall when it was 85 degrees on more than one occasion this weekend.      Ya know, the normal September activities in the OH-IO.  

**This means I've gone mum crazy, yet again, and may already accidentally be purchasing pumpkins. 

**This also means that the 6 year old is all fired up for Halloween and pulls her reindeer games everywhere we go.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

**This also means that we buried ourselves in yard work and it looks like we took off all of our clothes and rolled in poison ivy.  Or poison oak.  Or poison sumac.    Just for fun, ya know.      You guys, I'm basically qualified to wear a button like this..

But seriously.         Why do I have poison ivy all over my torso?   Why is it getting worse instead of better?    I've done all "the things" that the google told me to do, including essential oils.       Anyone?  Please help me make this go away.   

**This also means the crockpot has been fired up like a firework display with a 6 figure budget.  

I'm loving some of Country Living's healthy crockpot recipes lately.    

Honestly, is there a thing we CAN'T make in the crockpot these days?     It's amazing.

I feel like the crockpot would win "appliance of the year" hands down year after year if this were only a thing.    Life gets more busy and the crockpot becomes more amazing in it's skill set.

**This also means my beloved Coffeccino is back.   And as addicting as ever.   

Want the Spark effect but in a warm "coffee-like" drink?    Here you go, yo.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend filled with a productivity, fun, family time, shenanigans, a little downtime and self care.    Isn't that what weekends should be in a nutshell?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Things We Need! Early Fall Edition.

Hey friends!    
Who is ready for another Things We Need post?
It's been a minute but these are always my favorites to write.
Always have been. 
Always will be.

So let's get started, mkkkay?

aka... the Wal-Mart "Yeti"

You guys, as a Yeti owner and lover, I wanted to hate these real bad...

I did.

We've got a handful of Yeti's up in here, and they're amazing.      Truly.   
Dead of summer.  July heat.
Ice water stays just that.... all day.   
Ice water.

It works the same for hot drinks.    
Stays hot...
 for days..

It's basically the 8th wonder of the world.

However, when the kiddos also fell in love with the Yeti, I knew we had to act fast.

I had heard about the "Wal-Mart Yeti" here and there and thought we should give it a whirl.   

Dare I say, I can't even tell a difference?
Clearly, identical technology.   

However,  the Wally World 30 oz Yeti will set you back $9.99.   The real deal 30 oz. Yeti will set you back $39.99.


Don't be frightened by the stock pic.    This is so versatile it's not even funny.

Who else love the Urban Decay Naked Palette?

Want to save yourself $40??   You need this.

Side by side comparison.

Yes, the brush and packaging is a lot more flimsy on the MakeUp Revolution option.

However, the quality of the shadows are shockingly amazing.       

Ulta is currently having a buy one, get one 50% off sale. 
There are several varieties of these palettes.   In summary,  here is a chance to score them for around $8 each, which makes me almost feel "dirty" for buying the Urban Decay year in and out.

If you're an Urban Decay palette girl, give these a whirl.

I REALLY hate to beat a dead horse.    However, I love me some EC.

I think this is my 5th year and running.

This is the time of year when I begin obsessing about next years life planner.   

...Ooooh...look at the new designs!!!

...Which one will I pick!?

I basically spend an entire year with it so I have to love it.

It's all so exciting!    

Come to think of it, I basically put more thought into designing my  EC planner than I did buying my last car.   #sorrynotsorry

Sure to be a very crucial piece to my fall/ winter uniform.

I don't know what in the french toast is going on over there at Athleta but I'm loving them more and more.

Over the years, I have bought Athleta pieces here and there and always loved the quality.  However, in all honesty... I still kind of thought their stuff was a snore.    

The past year or two, they've REALLY stepped it up.   
They're all sporty, urban, calm, cool, and collected nowadays.

I mean?

This is technically a good and bad thing.    Bad because those Athleta peeps stalk me on gmail and try and rope me into their sales and new "look books" and all of that eye candy goodness.       Good because quite honestly, I'm kinda sick of Lulu.    Lulu, I still do love you deep down but we needed some time apart.    

Stay tuned for another edition soon!

Ps-    Big news in Advo land.

If you're still paying full price for products, I'm gonna need you to stop right there.

$19.95 gets you 20-30% off all products, a free box of variety Spark, and welcome kit with other goodies.  Big no brainer, kids!

Ready to become preferred???   Here ya go!

Have a great Thursday.   Count your blessings.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Recipes, a book, updates, and more

Hey girl, hey.

Apparently it's August 31st.... 

To me, this means summer is offically over.    Poor us.

However, this also means it's officially time to fire up the fall candles like nobody business.

Oh and Buckeye football is officially back in...exactly 3 days.

So there's hope.   

This also means that pictures of Pumpkin Spice Latte's are gonna be poppin' on the Insta, left and right.    You know what I'm talking about..

First things first,   you guys need this super easy recipe in your life as soon as tonight's dinner.

Holy Cow.  I basically took a real recipe and modified to make it slightly more clean and and slightly more accommodating to what I actually had in the pantry.    Ya feel?

Spicy Peanut Thai Zoodles


*2 tbsp sesame seed oil (plus more for the peanut sauce-  see below)
*2 tsp minced or chopped garlic
*1 c shredded carrots
*1 large red bell pepper, thinly sliced
*3 or 4 large zucchini
*3 large chicken breasts, cooked on the side and shredded or cubed

Peanut Sauce

1/2 c creamy natural peanut butter (I'm listening...)
*a couple packets of stevia, to taste
*1/3 c coconut aminos (this is the healthy version of soy sauce.  Most stores carry it these days)
*2 tbsp rice vinegar
*2 tbsp sesame oil
*Sriracha or hot chili sauce, to taste


Crushed peanuts
Sesame seeds
Green onion


1.  Spiralize the zucchini and set "noodles" aside.
2. Heat sesame oil and garlic in skillet.    Add carrots, peppers, any other veggies you desire.   This recipe is awesome with cabbage but we were  fresh out. 
3.  Cook about 5 or 6 minutes.     I had the chicken cooking on the side during this process.
4.   Add spiraled zucchini and chicken.   Cook for a 5 min. or so until tender.
5.  Remove all of the above from heat and set aside.
6.   Combine all peanut sauce ingredients in small sauce pan over heat.    Whisk constantly until the peanut butter has melted (did someone say melted peanut butter?  drool...) and everything is combined.       Add Sriracha or hot sauce to taste.    The spicier the better in my opinion.
7.   Pour this whole concoction over top of the chicken/veggie mix.    Toss everything around until combined.  
8.   Place on serving dish and top with all the toppings.

This makes awesome leftovers and reheats well.

Again, you guys may need this tonight.

Who else has read The Miracle Morning???

It's basically all about the premise of waking up early and briefly focusing on these six activities/ principles every morning.  

It's all built on the idea that if we wake up early, plan the day with intention, take a few minutes to breathe, move, flex our brain... it's all gonna be okay.   

I know the "SAVERS"  looks overwhelming but I swear it's not.  
  And look!   I'm working on my "S"!!!!   Scribing!

If you've read the book or wanna read the book or wanna hear more about he book, I wanna hear from you.    There's a huge online community which I'm kind of secretly becoming obsessed with.    Shocking, I know. 

Who else is obsessed with Oasis??

I've been obsessed with this concoction again.

Oasis and blackberry citrus "LaKroger" over ice.    

Want that glass of red wine at night but on a cleanse or trying to behave yourself?

Oasis is your jam.     Adaptogens to combat physical stress and give you those overall relaxed "time to hit the hay..." feels.

Speaking of vino...

Local friends, have you tried Savior Cooking & Wine?

Absolutely adorable.  

My girlfriends and I had the best time there last week.

The recipes were awesome and definitely something you could take home and attempt to recreate.   But more importantly, we had a blast chopping, sipping wine, laughing, and realizing how clueless we actually really are in the kitchen. 

Check out their calendar because they kinda have something for everyone.  Including kiddos!

Have a fab Wednesday, friend.


Whatever you're putting off in life... go do that.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

School Starts, StitchFix, and Summer Boardwalk is Back!

Hey kids!

Is your FB feed turnt with back to school pictures too?   

Love it.   

We're 1st and 4th bound in these parts.    

I swear it was just yesterday that I was posting this last day of school pic....

Copious amounts of rain yesterday and the bus stop scene looked like this...

Rain puddles, umbrellas, and concerns about freshly curled hair.  The usual.  

Overall, these monkeys had an awesome first day.

What else?   

I know I haven't talked about it for awhile but you guys, I'm still getting it.   And loving it.

This month's Fix's....

Yes, the pic quality is no bueno.   It's been raining off and on for 40 days and nights, ya see.    The lighting up in here just didn't suffice and I had a short window of time to make it all happen, so this is what we're dealing with.

I'm a sucker for an open back anything.   My stylist knows this. Which I love.   Ps-  Does it make anyone else feel fancy to just throw out the term "my stylist?"      

So what do we have here?

1.  The wide leg jeans trend
2.   A coupla open back tops that are super duper versatile
3.  Seychelles wedges.     Love these because we've got a little lift without looking like I'm going to break my neck at any given moment.      Appropriate for anything from church to night time. 
4.   The good old Hawthorn studded Libson shirt.     I may or may not have this is multiple colors.  And want it in multiple more.

So how does it all work???  

Check out my previous post(s)...   

Exhibit A...

  I know lots of you have created your free profile but if you haven't, you can do it HERE.

 If you aren't familiar with how it all works…allow me to summarize the rules from last month's StitchFix review.  

Step One:    Go online and set up your profile.  It's super fun and easy peasy and you get to answer a bunch of questions about what you like and don't like.  You look at a handful of outfits and accessories and say yada or nada.  Even if you aren't ready to take the plunge, create a profile.   Because it's fun and I'm kinda sad mine is over.    To create your free profile, go here.  

Step Two:    Schedule your "fix."   Scheduling your fix will set you back twenty billzzzz….  However, this $20 goes towards your styling fee and more importnatly is a credit towards anything that you happen to keep from your fix.    Either way, #winning.

Step Three:    Rip that box open like a kid on Christmas morning.  But wait, before you do that, post the sealed box on the Insta and proclaim to the entire first world that your StitchFix is here!  Oh wait, that's just me.   #predictable.

Step Four:     Try on all 5 pieces in the comfort and privacy of your own home…with your own shoes, accessories, etc.  Loved this.

It comes with a special little card like this, which gives you awesome ideas on how to wear your loot.  Absolutely loved this and will keep the card for further assistance.   A great reference to have on hand.

Step Five:     Log into your account and "check out."   Decide what you want to  keep and what you don't.    Give feedback about what you liked and didn't.  This helps your stylist figure out how to best suit your desires for your next "fix."  Within three business days,  put your rejects in the postage paid envelope and drop it in your nearest mailbox.  No big.

Step Six:     Strut your yes's like the boss that you are. 

Okeeee dokey…. What did I get!?

1.    Maylynn Asymmetrical Soft Moto Vest-    KEEP

I didn't love this out of the box and then tried it on with the white flowy shirt you see here as well as a long sleeve casual dress and boots.    Loved this both unzipped and zipped.   Way fun and I could see myself wearing this well into spring/summer.

2.   Brixton Stone Collar Necklace-    RETURN

This was cute but for the price was just "meh" for me.   I have several collar necklaces and bib necklaces that are just as cute that cost me less dinero.  These are such trendy pieces that it just didn't feel worth the $32 for me.

3.   Daxton Floral Split Tank-  KEEP

I debated on this one as the little strap across the back is slightly odd.  However, it looked cute with skinny jeans as well black leather pants.      I also loved it under a blazer as well as a leather jacket.    I liked the originality of the split back at the bottom.      So at the end of the day, this was a keep.

4.   Shermineh Faux Leather Detail Ponte Pant-    KEEP

Again, something that I was unsure of when I took them out of the box.  However, I think these would be super fun for the holidays.   Love the "leather" detailing down the sides and these are actually much more versatile than I originally thought.   I can't wait to rock these bad boys.

5.  Chrisley Raglan Seam Sweatshirt-  KEEP

This is a great little throw on sweatshirt that's technically casual but could be easily dressed up.  I already wore this over the weekend with jeans and booties.    Plus, it's super cozy and we all know I love that cuz deep down I'm a granny at heart.  

So 4 outta 5….hollah!    You guys, I also haven't bought one clothing item at the mall or online since my last fix.  This is just way easy and fun for me at the moment.   So do I dare to say I'm saving money????   I'd have to crunch the numbers but it kinda feels that way.  

Sooo….if you haven't created your profile.  Do it HERE.    And if you've got a Fix on the way…I  need every single deet when that bish arrives.  I'm cereal.

Other exciting news.....

And they went away?

And I cried...

And sent out a SOS on social media around the world?

Ummmm.... check it out yo.

You guys, this is the bestest best candle ever.       The B&B has been throwing coupy's out left and right so if you do your homework or check your mailbox, you've  prob got a $10 off $30 coupon or something similar floating around.

What else?  

Contemplating a 24 Day Challenge?  

Or 10 Day Cleanse?

So are lots of others.

Apparently, we all had a little too much fun.

message me at for more deets.

Curious about Advo in general?

Happy Thursday, friends!

I leave you with this.   Fabulous, yes?


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Advorunner Updates and Shenannys

Happy August, kitty cats.  (meow).

****Surely you guys know about the new Blue Raspberry Spark?   Just announced yesterday.


You guys it's basically gonna taste like this....

the bottom part, that is...

Be still, my blue raspberry flavor loving heart.   

      Sooo... I've pretty much been avoiding all responsibility and anxiously awaiting tomorrows arrival.   You know...the usual... planning to stalk all Fed Ex men in my own as well as all  surrounding zip codes and then I get this....

Now in all honesty, this has never happened to me.     Which makes me want my Blue Raspberry bomb pop Spark all the more.       I know you understand. 

So if you didn't get in on this, you're gonna wanna because I will guarantee it'll be sold out in a hot second.   Which means  you'll be emailing me asking if I've got a  random box or two laying around that I'm not hoarding.    Then  I'll feel all conflicted and selfish and want to hook a sister up but really I wanna hoard the sold out Spark.    It's pandemonium, really.   

You know we've been down this road before.  

So let's not do this.   
   This particular flavor is gonna be off the hook.    It is.

***Who else saw Bad Moms?     

Hilarious, right?

I kinda wanna go again. 

Went with this group of ladies and I'm pretty sure we all peed just a little at some point.   

Truly.   That funny.

This movie will make you realize that we're all in the same boat in this here crazy town place that we've all landed.  We call it motherhood.

You'll laugh at the chaos and cry at the fact that we love these fools so hard it hurts sometimes.    #guilty   I got sentimental and cried.    So did my soul sister next to me.   

So yes.   Go see this stat.    I'm serious.   

***Who else drives around during the day like this?

Right?    Peanut butter, plastic fork, in a ziplock bag for protection.    #noshame #desperatetimes

***614 friends, come see us next Monday.

Ladies Night!     It's gonna be a fun night and yours truly will be talking about running products and how and why they can work for you.     A panel of some amazing ladies will be sharing some amazing stories and awesome info so come join the party.    Message me for details.

***Did your summer fly by too?

I swear we were just doing last day of school pics just yesterday.

And guess what?   

One week from tomorrow is go time.  


But holy cow, we've had a fun summer.   

Pool days
Late night patio fun
Beach vacays
Boating at the lake
Long morning runs
Mexican food on patios
Lemonade stands
Driveway Crossfit
Cha cha-ing on patios with friends crazier than us (more than once)
Cartwheeling in the yard with the kiddos
Hitting golf balls
More pool days
...and so much more.

It leaves us as quickly as it arrives.  
But geez, it's amazing.    

Here's to our final week.    Hope you all get a chance to stop and smell the summertime roses... or hydrangeas... or whatever tickles your fancy. 

Time flies.   

One of my faves...