Thursday, May 21, 2015

Things We Need to Discuss...

It's been a minute!

Eight topics on the agenda...

1.    I'm straight up addicted to matcha powder lately.      Wanna know why it's amazing???

Okay, here is the one you want.  No sugars, no added crap.  

Get a load of this...  I got wind that Starbucks had matcha powder for use in their matcha lattes.  I got this brilliant idea to beat the system...   I was rolling through there  on the reg getting 2 scoops of matcha, with ice and water in a venti cup.   It's 80 cents!  Nothing at the Bux is 80 cents so needless to say, this was happening daily, if not twice a day.
  One day a couple weeks ago the worker basically said.."you know our matcha has a ton of added sugar, right?   Most people think it's healthy but it's not.   You want the good stuff on Amazon."

This all took place at the drive through window.   I couldn't get outta there fast enough and pretty much burned rubber like a bat outta hell.   
   Upon closer review, I had been slurping down 14 grams  of sugar like it ain't no thang.   Sometimes 28 grams if it was a two-a-day!  
 Still some healthy benny's, yes.  But for that kind of  added sugar..I'd rather have something awesome.

So yes, this has zero sugar.  You may want to mix it with a little stevia to start because if you aren't used to it, it's bitter.

Here's my deal...

2 small scoops of match
1 packet of stevia
10 oz water
A crap load of ice

Shake and #TTTD (take to the hashtag..we're going with it.)

2.      Who else is excited that our Crossfit boy, Rich Froning's new Advo loot is finally available to us common folk???

Right???      The shirt on the left is unisex and you can bet it's all mine.  Plus, I think it's gonna throw me into beast mode the second I take it outta the package.

3.      I hate to beat a dead horse, but who has tried the Womelette?    It's such an easy way to throw together a clean breakfast in two seconds flat.       Check out my Insta (Advorunner) video for the debts.   

Womelette people, please tell me your favorite variation.    Lately I've been going the sweet cinnamon route, topped with some type of nut butter (which basically goes without saying).   If you haven't tried the Wom yet, please do us both a large and get there.    I need more variations and you guys never disappoint.   

4.    Is anyone else getting out of school in what feels like the middle of Spring?   Today is the last day of school for these Advo hoodlums of mine.

Crazy town, huh?       You know your daughter has the most amazing teacher in the history of the world when she sobs herself to sleep the night before the last day of school.  All with thoughts of saying goodbye to her teacher tomorrow.   Heartbreaking but so telling.     Mrs. Budic, you are one of a kind and we love you long time.    If the little one gets you when it's her turn, I'm gonna do 14 back handsprings and possibly land in the russian splits.  You're that amazing.  

5.    Lots of 10 Day Cleansers and 24 Day Challengers starting the week after Memorial Day.    
Get yourself some and join in the fun.      Want a discount on products?  I help with that too.

Still aren't convinced?    I wasn't either.    Read my journey here.   It all started with a challenge.    And thank goodness I said yes.   

6.     Speaking of Memorial Day... Crossfit Kool Aid drinkers, who is doing MURPH???

Murph is a hero WOD that honors a fallen veteran.  Such a cool concept.    

Yes, we're gonna die.  Yes, it's gonna be awesome.    

Come back next week to hear how I fueled and what products I went with for this impending crazy train.
 Local people, if you're in the 614 and want to have an amazingly killer workout to kick off Memorial Day, hit me up.  I love bloggy friends and this workout is open to EVERYONE.   Don't be scared, we modify.  Promise.  There will be all fitness levels.    Come on...come to the dark side...mwhahahahha.

7.   Speaking of a long weekend....tell me your fitness plans.  I know some of you are running 5k's and other fun various shennans.   Gimme the goods. 

I'm still on the fence for this...  Tempting.    And I love a good inaugural race.     We shall see...

8.   Training for Chi Town starts in a hot second.     The thought is exhilarating, yet exhausting.   But #Don'tCryForMeArgentina...I seem to do this to myself.   Chicago people... anyone?   Us Ohio girls are gonna need some crowd support.   Love you, miss you, mean it.

That's all I've got!

I'm sure I'll be posting a ton of shennany's on the Insta over the next few days, which has kinda become my mini blog...   Advorunner.   Come find me.

Laters, babes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sunday Sentiments (on Monday), a Fabletics Review, and Other Stuff Too.

A day late as usual.   30 minutes to spare!   It's 11:30 p.m.  here in the C-Bus, Oh-H.   #SleepWhenYou'reDead

First up,   latest goodies from Fabletics.   

We went with simple, hot running weather attire for this month.   It didn't disappoint.

Here we have the Adventura tank and Suva Run Short II.    Lightweight, easy peasy, and did I mention cheap?   Basically this whole outfit, plus a bra, which isn't pictured retails for about $10 less than one single pair of Lulu shorts.   Don't get me wrong, I love my Lulu shorts and am not gonna be a playa hatah and say I don't.   But still.... I love me some Fabletics too.

So review...

Sunday morning, I ran 6 Mother's Day hot, sweaty, humid miles in this outfit... with these fools...

And all good in the hood.  No riding, chaffing, etc.   Love these shorts and already have more prints on the way.

Don't have the Fabletics hook up yet?    It's time to come to the dark side.

What else?   

I ate bad stuff and drank bad stuff and took a lot of Carb Ease this weekend.  

Exhibit A

When it's pretend summer and you're at the best margarita place in town with some of your favorite ladies...

ya gotta drink the sugary #diyabeeetus.

I did run 10 miles on Saturday to reverse the margaritas.  #TrustMeImADoctor

But then I turned around and ate delicious crab cakes, amongst other things... Which were way  more amazing than this picture gives them credit.    I asked for dressing on the side because the innocent lady at the table next to me ordered this exact dish, (which I nearly drooled on and proceeded to stare at innappropriately, lusting after her food until I'm pretty sure we both blushed... ), which was deeeerenched in this delicious goodness.     I needed slightly more control over my dressing sitch.  #typeA    

Oh and on Mother's Day, those monkeys of mine gave me this...

....And I pretty much can't sleep at night.   You guys, this cocoa + coconut flavor is #OTCD.
  ( OCTD= new hashtag for Off The Chizane Doe... yes, it's real now.  #SNS)

3 sugars per serving so it's not as ridiculous as it should be.  But it's still ridiculous.   In summary, if you're a nut butter lunatic like me, and don't want the risk of eating your entire days worth of calories in 3 minutes...yeah, don't buy this.

Then more dining out occurred.  Which involved bites of the little one's fried fish and chips,  amongst other things.     ps- When did battered, fried fish become so delicious?  It's the little one's current obsession and me thinks she's onto something.  

The kiddos daddy, also known as my ex husband,  put together and joined in for a sweet little Mother's Day from these two.  Blessed and grateful for all of it.    Said celebration may or may not have ended in a giant slab of chocolate cake. In which the little one proceeded to attempt to smuggle the leftovers out of the restaurant.      Utensils and all.    Heathens, we are.   No, seriously.   

Did I mention that a  friend also placed this on my front step yesterday?

Again, it was MD....

But seriously.... Ohio people, if you've never experienced a Der Dutchman donut.. Specifically this here white long john breed... I can't even...

Again, #CarbEase

So after a weekend of hausing out, running, tons of water/ all of my normal supplements, and again... Carb Ease Plus...

I didn't wake up feeling like I was ready for a bikini competition by any means...  but I also didn't feel like this....

I started the day today with this Crossfit workout.    And almost died.  Then kinda secretly wanted to do it again. 

Yes, on Monday's my Crossfit box goes two WOD's with strength sandwiched in the middle.  We call it Monster Monday.    Not normal.    But it's amazing.  Pretty sure I could have two broken legs and and I would still finagle a way for Monster Monday.  I can't miss it.

And lastly, come hell or high water, I'm keeping these hanging ferns alive this summer.    Please give me tips.   I swear I water them.   This time they're not going down.  This will be the year.  The year of the hearty fern.  

Fern people, show me thy ways.

See you all in a couple.

Mkkay. Bye.

Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Friday! How about some Friday Letters?

Dear Monkeys,  I'm real sorry that I ate that huge bag of watermelon that your grandma brought just for you.  It was all chopped and perfect  and I was hot and thought I would eat just one piece.   It all happened so fast.   In the bank of an eye,  I had watermelon juice all over my bad self and an empty bag in hand.   
 I promise I'll buy each of you one of those cute personal watermelons that you love that cost a zillion dollars each.

Dear Def Leppard,   The fact that you're coming to town is making me off the chain happy.  Yes,  this makes me old.  No, I don't care.  

Dear 8 Year Old,   The fact that you're mowing through books while I lounge beside you,  my book in hand, is kinda making all of my dreams come true.   It's practically like we're on vacation.  Only different.  Now if we could only get the little one to sit down.

Dear Spring,   I love you and everything but why is it suddenly July?  And 88?  I refuse to complain about this.    But where's my perfect spring running weather?     Weather man, I feel like you did this on purpose.   Okay, I'm done.  

Dear Mother's Day,    You snuck up outta nowhere and I like it.  You're one of my favorite's.  And not because it's perfectly appropriate to drink mimosa's at noon.  
     For those of us who are lucky enough to still have our mom's, cherish them.    For those who have unfortunately lost them, my heart always goes out to you on Mother's Day.  Be good to yourself.  Sending good vibes your way.

Dear Nordstrom,   Why are your displays so perfect and beautiful?    I want every item on the second floor.   Especially that $298 dollar maxi dress that is gonna make my summer perfect and complete.  Mama needs a raise, stat, doe.

Dear Weekend,   You're here!  And the weather is looking fab.   Hot, but fab.
 Hollah.  Let's get busy, friends.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cap City Half Marathon and Weekend Wrap Up

Hi friends!   What a beautiful weekend here in the 614!

The feature event being one of my favorite races...the Cap City Half Marathon.  

Honestly, this may have been my favorite Cap City thus far.

Let's discuss....

1. The weather.  Legit off the chizzaine doe....
2.  I ran with friends and we laughed, solved the worlds problems, high fived kids on the sidelines, and truly enjoyed the process.
3.   I felt zero pressure with time.   
4.  Our goal was to get these guys under 2 hours and that's all she wrote. 

Final chip time-  1:59 and change.  

Pre Race fuel, riding shotgun and at the mercy of my dear friends' crazy husband who had us all laughing hysterically before we even got outta the car.

Two 02 Gold and a V02 Prime bar.  Taken to the dome about 35 minutes before the gun.   Love this combo.   
It probably goes without saying that  I started the morning with a giant Spark and 3 Catalyst, per usual.

A few crazy Crossfitters at the start.     Let's do this, yo's.    

The first 5 miles, we were all on pace for a sub two.    Unfortunately, we lost one due to your normal running struggles.    And despite, my verbal abuse, no bueno.    ps-  Have a running goal?  I'm your girl.   I love pacing and pep talking and the whole kit and caboodle.  

Back to my story....

    And then there were three.  

Around mile 8, another one started having foot issues.    She finished in a great time but we let her go.  

And then there were two.    

So yes, my final victim is 23 and had never done a half.   She is a real deal rowing coach though so she's mentally tough and kinda born #BA.
   I looked at her at mile 8 and said "okay, if you're still in, we gotta pick it up."     

She basically shrugged her shoulders with a nonchalant nod of the head that told me.. "let's do this."

We basically cranked out 8:20's for 5 miles to make up the time.    No big for her. under two.

Average pace 8:50-something or other.

The posse at the finish.    Suns out, medals out.  #winning

I literally "ran into" a friend from high school who reads this bloggy as we crossed the finish line. So that was awesome.   Hi Kristi!

Oh and another reader (Hi Lori!) approached me at the after party (hey girl hey!)  and we got a little champagne toast photo opp.
Lori, you rock and your energy is right up my alley.  
 Please move to the 614 and be my running bff.

Ahhh... a great day and I kinda wanna do it again on Saturday.

What's next??

Fallen 15 race in Dublin, which is the suburban bubble next to mine.

What's not to love about this race?   9.3 miles, Memorial Day weekend, honoring local fallen heroes.    I'm in.

Oh and did I tell you guys that I got into Chicago?    #bucketlist

Other weekend highlights....

Lacrosse with a big ole side of goofy Runnerdog. 

Love everything about this.  Including the adorable barn in the back ground. 

Reuniting with my favorite hospital work friends.     A spectacle indeed.    The things we covered at the dinner table.... ummm.....hide your children and your wives.  
   We basically have zero concept that others are around.  It ain't pretty...   However, we know nothing else.    #LongestGroupTextInAmerica

It's Tuesday.  Get after it.

Friday, May 1, 2015

AdvoRunner Antics

Just a random post about a whole lotta nothin'....

Anyone ever think it's Saturday but upon closer review, it's really Friday?  Not hating on Friday but Saturday is where it's at.

Speaking of Saturday... Giddy up for Cap City!  

How about a little throw back to last year?  You can read my drill here.

2014-  Official time-  1:45:20

And the year before....

2013-  Chip time-  1:51:07

Since I started this bloggy in 2013, I honestly have no idea what the previous 10 years of running this race looked like.  I've run this race since the beginning of time so guess I could launch an investigation.... if I cared.

Friends that found me on My Fitness Pal...  (Advorunner)

Isn't this fun!?     We get to stalk each other and what we're eating all day.  Plus you guys are giving me some majorly good ideas!   Hollah, whuh whuh.

So my sweet friend sent me this to me yesterday.....with a "this reminded me of you" message.

The whole Crossfit things sparks a lot of questions about women and weights and becoming a gigantic 7 foot male meat head over night.    It doesn't happen ladies, promise.      What does happen is that you feel strong and flexible and empowered and yes, your skinny jeans may fit a little tighter in the thighs because guess what?.. you can squat your ass off.
  But we don't care.  Muscle is fabulous.     So yes, you don't have to Crossfit.. BUT do yourself a large and at least lift weights.   Don't think you have time to strength train?

But you do.  Remember when I posted this easy, peasy full body at home workout????   Still one of my favorites.  Get yourself some dumbells and go to town.

Let's talk about the benny's of strength training....


1.  Instant mental boost
2. Stronger bones
3. WAY more energy
4. Higher metabolism.  That muscle burns calories while we're sitting around watching Real Housewives.   JS...
5.  Better sleep
6. Decreased body fat
7.   Minimal jiggling in that bathing suit

Weight lifting...get yourself some.   

And between you and me.... another thing I love about it... my little girls seeing mama throw around some weights.    Something about that empowers me and I love that they already know that girls can be strong.  And still be feminine at the same time.

Some favorites about the inter webs...

#Guilty.  #backpedal.  Hate when this happens.

Truth.  They always come back. 

And.. this made me belly laugh.

In celebration of tomorrow...
How about some running related goodies?



Pretty sure this is us .... I'm really gonna hate when you turn 40.  And I ain't lyin'

Columbus friends.... Get ready. Our newsfeeds will be blowing up.   Just like I likes...

I'll never get sick of this movie.  #facty

Dude... story of my life.  Especially when it's sunny and I'm working and I see you fools on the Olentangy Trail off of 315 and I wonder why no one has a job around here.     #jelly


Yes.  Yes indeed.

Good luck to all of you running this weekend!  We've got Cap, Indi, and Flying Pig!
 Can't wait wait to  hear your updates!

I'll be back Sunday for some SS/Weekend Wrap-up action.

In the know I love new running songs so send em my way pretty please with melted peanut butter on top.



Monday, April 27, 2015

For the Crossfit/ Advo Kool Aid Drinkers... The Competition and How I Fueled

A crazy, exciting, exhausting, emotional, balls to the wall kinda day indeed.

First things first,   these ladies rock.     They pushed themselves and pushed me and pushed competitors from Crossfit gyms all over creation.    That's the beauty of Crossfit.    Seeing your peeps achieve their goals is pretty legendary.      

If you're a Crossfitter and have never done a competition, you're gonna wanna.   You don't have to be a beast.  You just gotta show up happy, ready to rumble, and basically be fired up.    All day.   

Competition morning...

I woke up before the sun came up and took 3 Catalyst and a big old Spark.  Just like every other day of the year.     Nothing unusual here.

We arrived at the box around 7:45 for some athlete briefing, some major warming up, and by 8:45, the first heat was up and running.  

The first WOD consisted of a 10 minute AMRAP.  If you're a newbie to Crossfit, an AMRAP basically means "as many rounds as possible" in a set time.   In this case we had....

10 alternating Kettle bell snatches
15 KB Goblet Squats
50 single under jump ropes

Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes of full throttle lung burning fun.  

I knew this would be a lung burner Soooo approximately 30 minutes before this WOD, I took two 02 Gold.  

02 Gold IS indeed my 3rd lung and I've talked about it a zillion times before on the blog so I won't bore you on why I love it for everything from marathon running to lung burning Crossfit WOD's such as this.     If you don't have 02 Gold in your life, get yourself some.  You won't be sorry.

 There was about a 90 minute break between my first and second workout, which included...

2 minutes of... full throttle/ as many as one can squeeze in... burpees.    Using a 15 lb. plate.  Meaning your toes had to touch the plate between every rep.

A one minute break to get your weights situated followed by 6 minutes to establish a maximum 2 rep clean front squat.

Sweet Baby Jesus.   I may or may not have been seeing stars coming off the burpees and going into the clean/front squat situation.    Thank God for friends who let me chug their water bottles straight from their hand,  without me asking.    Pretty much. 

Approximately 30 minutes prior to this WOD, I chugged down a giant Mass Impact with 3 more Catalyst.   ps-  Catalyst is my everything.  Not only with Crossfit but life in general.   I take it every day 365 days a year.   BCAA's are where it's at.    Legit.   

Back to Mass Impact....

Mass Impact is another amino acid supplement that also contains a bit of Creatine.   The product is designed to support muscle performance, preserve muscle glycogen, assist in muscle fatigue and basically make you stroke out a little later than you were originally planning to.

Next up... I had about an 75 minute rest time before the 3rd WOD, which was the one that I was  most terrified of.

For time.


10 barbell ground to overhead
10 alternating lunges...knee to floor
10  box jumps

Decreasing in number of reps per round to  9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Death.    Right there.   For all of the free world to see.  

I chugged a Spark before this workout as I hadn't really had caffeine since morning.    Plus, I still had 02 Gold and Mass Impact flowing through the veins.

And now....we see if we're in the finals.    Which was kinda emotional and exhausting.    Mainly because you're beat to hell and really wanna be done and cheer for the people in the finals.  And have a Blue Moon on the sidelines like everybody else.  
 But... on the other hand, you've busted your bum all day and wanna tear it up in the finals.   
Quite the debate.

Oh and we have fun on the sidelines too.      Lots of it.

So....the final competitors are announced....  Along with a mystery workout that we'd all been waiting to hear..

What we have here is....

For time...

500 meter row
50 wall balls
20 ab mat sit ups
15 dead lifts at 145

Arginine Extreme for the win.

You've heard me talk about my beloved AE a zillion times when it comes to running.    I knew coming off the row into wall balls was going to straight up kill me.  
   Arginine is such a great product for increasing cardio capacity with a little strength love too.    A product designed for improving cardio stamina and strength all in one.   L-Arginine and  L-leucine together in powder form are pretty much a match made in heaven.
  Again, you'll likely stroke out a little later than you had originally planned to but will feel better and stronger in the process.
  I took this about 5 minutes after the workout was announced which gave me about a 20 minute window.   

The Finals...Here we go!

And..... it all ends laying on the floor in the corpse position... truly not certain if you're alive or dead.  And you wonder if you've really got your affairs in order and you wonder if anyone has ever died from Crossfit.  
 And you wonder.... when you can do this again.....

And.... your friends high fives while you're still not sure if you're dead or alive somehow make it all even that much more amazing.

And the day ends with 2nd place in division with the most adorable trophy and a high comparable to that of our beloved marathon running high.  

My CF box rocked.  We have awesome coaches who know our strengths, know our weaknesses and push us accordingly.    4 athletes from my box placed in 3 different divisions.    Pretty amazing.    Those who didn't place, gave it their 100 zillion'th percent ALL and everything they had.   They achieved goals, set PR's, and that was pretty freaking fantastic to see too.   

Local people....if you haven't tried CF and wanna...come see me.    We're fun and we'll show you the ways and you'll hate me and everyone else at first but then you'll be amazed at yourself and you'll love me forever and we'll probably be best friends and stuff.   #RunOnSentence #major

Chalkdust Crossfit.  We're on the FB too.  

S'all for now.

Cap City on deck for the weekend so hopefully I'll see some of your smiling Sparked up faces at the finish!

Happy Monday!