Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lean in 13. It's #GDFR

Sooo... looks like Monday March 21st is go time.    Just a quick little check in...

If you're joining us and need to start sooner or later because of life and all of it's challenges, by all means...

  One week to psyche yourself up and get your goodies.

This also will not interfere with St. Patty's Day for all of you green beer drinkers. 
    Just looking' out for 'ma people.

The Dirty Truth

1.  This program isn't easy.    In fact, it's hard.   Really hard.   So if you don't feel mentally prepared, it may not be the best time.  However, there is definitely strength in numbers so if you're teetering, come join us.   We're in it together and in it to win it.  It'll be twice as hard without support and company so why not come play?  

2.   It takes prep.   And planning.  And cooking.    You'll be eating a lot of the same foods every day.   It's not exciting.  I'm not gonna lie.    However, on the positive, there is a little comfort in knowing what's coming next every day.   It's all pretty much meticulously planned for you.  To me this means minimal room for error.  

3.  It's not an Advocare-created plan.   It was created by lean and mean independent distributors, nutritionists, and trainers that saw the awesome possibilities of combining carb cycling combined with these awesome products.

Light at the End of the Tunnel:

1.  It's 13 days.    It's only 13 days.   We can do anything for 13 days.

2.   By day 14, you're going to be leaner than you thought possible.  #springbreak #summer #abs #whatwhat  Even a few days in, you'll see a difference.   #hardcorefact

3.   This plan contains a lot of various supplements so we can modify.   It's not one size fits all.    Our group Facebook board is where we trouble shoot.  And vent.  And celebrate.    You can also shoot me an email-

4.   You're going to feel nothing but amazing when it's said and done.   Sticking to something difficult for 13 days is going to make you feel strong in itself.   Feeding your body real food and real supplements for 13 straight days....   Big yes on top of that.    Did I mention that we'll be drinking all the water???   Yes, we'll be drinking a ton of water.   This too will make us feel amazing.

5.   Most of the products that are needed are probably already laying around in your Advo cupboard.   
Muscle Gain

*If you're not sure which MNS to use or you are sensitive in general, I would definitely recommend MNS 3.  I haven't decided which route I'll go but may play around with all three.

Just wanted to check in, say hey girl hey, and give you guys the debts on the start date.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.  It's pretty much spring here in the 614.   Sounds like an 8 miler to me.   


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Where I've Been and What's Next

Hey Cats,


It's been a minute. 

Like a zillion of them to be exact.

Honestly, I feel like I just hit "publish" on that Jan. 31 post and what/what?  It's practically St. Patrick's Day.

What have I been up to?

1.   Making sure the right stuff is in those backpacks.      And basically keeping humans alive and watered in general.      Manning homework, sports, clean know the drill.   Turns out that stuff takes time.  

2.  Moving.   Yes.   This in itself is equivalent to running 10 marathons in a month.  I swear it is.  Or maybe I'm old now?    Don't answer that.
 We moved into an awesome house in a great neighborhood  and we're finally feeling a teensy bit settled.  However,  sometimes when I least expect it, another box filled with "stuff" that needs a home seems to fall right out of the sky.   

3.   Doing that yoga challenge!   Remember how I mentioned it in my last post?    Well, I kinda loved it and I swear it made those crossfit and running aches and pains just a little less painful.   Not to mention that I felt just a little more centered every morning.  

I missed a couple days in all but not bad.  Not bad at all considering that yoga and mobility in general have always taken a backseat to running and crossfit.    
But I'm making time and most days it's only between 20 and 30 minutes.    Did I mention that I usually do it in my pajamas?   

Huge win right there.

If you're interested in the program, it's free.   And Adriene is now my best friend.  She doesn't know it but we're all good.
   She's funny.   She's got her own little non-crunchy yoga vibe.   And she's funny.  Did I mention that?

4.  Other various random activities...

Hanging out with #Runnerdog in my pj's...
That #RD is so desperately needing a wig busting.  Don't call the ASPCA just yet.  It's happening this week. 

Crossfit Open-ing

Yes, it's back.  

2 brutal workouts down... 3 to go.   Heaven help me.  Nighttime Recovery help me too.

Disney on Ice-ing

If you've got girls, it's pretty much the law.

Okay, sooooo........ let's get serious.

There's currently a big group in my Advo crossline doing Lean in 13.       
This has clearly inspired several of us.    
They're already looking legit amazing.

The big question.

Who is Lean in 13 meant for???

The Lean in 13 program helps to put your metabolism back on the right track and pushes your body into an intense “fat burning” mode.
1. To Jump Start a new weight loss program
2. To break through a weight loss plateau
3. To lose a few inches just in time for vacation
4. To lose a few inches and recover from a vacation 

Brutally honest disclaimer----
I've tried this plan in the past and did not succeed.    I threw in the towel about halfway in.   Granted, I prob wasn't in the right mindset.  And I was just kind of over it in general.   However, was I noticing changes?  Yes.   Did I hate eating the same thing almost every day?  Yes.       Did I miss the peanut butter deep down from within?     Yes. 
We've got our culprit.

BUT.... I've given it some serious thought this time around.     Pretty sure I'm down.    If you're even remotely interested in being down with the plan with me check out  

SO much good info.  Click on Lean in 13 under the "challenges" tab. 
You can see the daily plan, supplements, food recommendations,etc.  

It's basically a carb cycling program, coupled with products designed for fat burning, appetite control, and gaining muscle.   It's all designed to help you lean out like no other.    This plan will work best if you're an experienced challenger and somewhat close to your goal weight.

Ready to join us???

You probably already have half of these products in your Advo cupboard.

What you need:


Retail Customers-  $261
20% off wholesale customer/ distributors-  $209
40% off advisors-  $157

Note.... This includes an entire container of Muscle Gain which will last you forever, as well as enough Catalyst and Thermoplus for two people.

In summary, buddy up with a friend and you can share Muscle Gain, Catalyst, and Thermoplus.  

Ya Feel?

Start date....
  I'm thinking Monday 3/14/16 or Monday 3/21/16 is where is at.    Thoughts?

And if you're joining in, the private FB group is where it's all going down.  

I'm just as scared as you are.  Trust me.

Which is why we need each other.     

Be there.



Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oh January! The Challenge comes to an end, Yoga, and other fun.

Oh January.    You've got a few positives but I'm always ready to see you go.

The second I hit that Powerball, I'm definitely outta here for the entire month of January. 

Pretty sure January was meant for sunshine, a beach, vitamin D, and long runs in the sun.   

Ya feel?

But February 1 is coming!    And to me... that means we're on the home stretch to spring.   I mean... March is practically Spring and February is practically March so as far as I'm concerned... tomorrow is the first day of Spring.   

I may even get a pedicure in it's honor.

How are my people doing??

This is it!   Sprint to the finish line.     I've kinda been obsessed with your emails and texts in terms of inches lost, energy gained, and old jeans that you're fitting into.

Seriously.    It's kind of like Christmas morning every day.

Many of you are done this week and some of you are just getting started.

If you're at goal weight, you will want to stay on your daily favorites.

For me, that means Spark (duh), Omegaplex, Catalyst, and most days MNS.   

I always have on hand but don't take daily:   Carb Ease, Thermoplus, Muscle Gain, and Meal Replacement Shakes

For running and Crossfit I play around with:  02 Gold, Arginine Extreme, Muscle Strength, and Mass Impact, and Rehydrate.   

If you still have weight to lose many people continue on with the Max phase.   This basically means continuing with Spark, Catalyst, MNS, Omegaplex, and Meal Replacement Shakes.     You could also lose the shakes and add in Thermoplus or Crave Control.

I know I've mentioned it on our Facebook board BUT... if you ordered the ALL IN Challenge, Advo is giving everyone FREE shipping on their first order.    This is kind of amazing.

If you're still paying full price for products... dagger through the heart.


You get:

$69 worth of Spark (3 boxes!)
20% off anything you ever order.

You're practically making money here.

It takes two seconds and you'll never pay full price again.

Head over to and geterrdone.

Seriously.   Full price is no beuno.

Let's talk about Yoga.

I've been seeing some friends on the Facebook doing this short daily at home Yoga Camp.  They're appearing very enlightened and stretchy and happy.

Let's face it, we all wanna be enlightened and stretchy and happy.

Who is joining me?    
It's free.
Nothing competitive.  We do what we can and see how we feel.   I am going to commit to do the entire 30 days.    Apparently they're short enough to fit in while your kids are running wild, while dinner is cooking, while you're still in your pajamas,  on your lunch break.. you get the point.

I signed up early this morning and already got my first video.  

There's so much more and I'm already loving the emails.   Oh and I'm already feeling like Adrienne is my best friend.    She's gonna be the Godmother to my children by the end of this at the rate this one side friendship is progressing.  

Now, I do love me some yoga but for me it's a time thing. If I have one hour to fit in a workout, I'm gonna have to use it to go for  a run or head to Crossfit and throw around weights.

However, I see the value in yoga. And see the value in mobility.  And let's face it... the more mobile we become, the better we are at Crossfit and the better we become at running.   And really, isn't mobility the key to anti-aging?      

In summary, we're all gonna basically be the fountain of youth by the end of this.

Thanks a ton for your recommendations on various half marathons from my last post.   SO many options out there!     

Also, I need to know if any of you are participating in the Crossfit Open?? 
I already have butterflies.

Even if you're somewhat of a new Crossfitter, I encourage you to participate.   I can't explain the fun, energy, nerves, and support.  Not to mention that you'll surprise yourself in so many ways during those 5 weeks.   You'll come out stronger mentally and physically than you ever thought possible.  

So please participate so we can obsess together.  Mmmkay?

If you're local and looking for a box that goes all out for the Open, I've got you covered.   It's a straight up five week celebration at Chalkdust Crossfit.

Come 16.1 with us.
We're a whole bunch of normal, fun, non-intimidating people just trying to get our fitness on.
We take Crossfit seriously but at the end of the day, it's just Crossfit.  As much as I love this crazy workout, I love the people there more.   And that's what it's all about.

Don't forget.   Tomorrow is February!  We're celebrating Spring! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Things We Need to Discuss

1.   Who else is on Day 9?!!   

  We're almost through the hard part, kitty cats.
Stay the course.  
   We got dis, boo's.

The weekend is the hardest.   We know this for sure.

What's your favorite Challenge meal, thus far?   Do tell?


Back to the roots with the spaghetti squash pizza bake.

Don't know about this???

PaleoOmg is the boss.

Easiest thing ever.

Disclaimer-  Mine looks absolutely nothing like hers.    I mean, not even a slight resemblance.   However, the deliciousness keeps me coming back for me.

Make this.   Possibly today.   

2.     Soooo.....   I've been loving this combo again for everything from running to CF.

A little bit of everything fabulous.   3 Catalyst...    Wash those babies down with a mixture of... 1 packet or scoop of Spark, 1 packet of Biocharge, and... 1 scoop of Mass Impact...   mix up over water and a tad of ice.   

Wait approx. 30 min. and...

ye shall have wings... and strength.  

Copious amounts of BCAA's, which are the building blocks to muscle.   BCAA's also help the body combat stress, injury, and fatigue.  
A tad of creatine (don't be scared) for increased energy, muscle recovery, stamina, and energy replenishment.
And then our BFF, Spark....
Spark...   120 mg of slow release caffeine, and a zillion and one B vitamins.   
This combo...
 #dude.  #winning.  #allday.  #forrealz

And you guys know the drill... if you're paying retail full price for products... don't do that.  Message me and we'll get you a discount

3.  Those lovely ladies at Rocksbox are offering us AdvoRunner peeps another free month of Rocksbox.

As discussed a couple months ago...

Do you wanna buy every single piece that Kendra Scott produces?      Only... you've gotta be somewhat responsible and somehow refrain from doing exactly that??

This is why we all need Rocksbox.'s off chuhzaine, doe.

So... hear me out. 

First things first, those amazing peeps at Rocksbox have  offered all you AdvoRunner blog readers a FREE month with code 


The code is live and ready to roll.


No commitment.  Cancel any time.  They're just being nice.   And..... want us to fall in love with Rocksbox, but that's neither here nor there. 

So....if you decide to stay with Rocksbox, you pay $19 per box after you're done with your freebie.      Each box contains 3 amazing pieces of jewelry, based on your profile.   You wear it till you're bored, send it back, rinse and repeat.  OR... you keep a piece and automatically get $10 of your $19 credited towards the piece of jewelry that you decided to keep.

I'm on my 4th box and kinda love everything.   Always.    Which is frightening and exhilarating
 for what's to come.  

**Make sure you use code-  advorunnerxoxo for your free box!  

4.   Who is running a Spring marathon or half marathon??

I'm running my beloved Cap City Half Marathon again... #groundhogday. 

However, I do love this race and I love the people that run this race so I kinda can't help it.

Cap City '15-

Cap City- '14

My monkeys look so little!  

So yes, I've been running this race since the beginning of time.

But still.... I kinda wanna find another fun half for Spring...

Ideas?   Suggestions?   Tell Me.

The Indi Mini has kinda been on the horizon.  That would require two weekends of back to back half's but....  I kinda love that.

5.   What's for Din Din for the last two nights of your 10 day Cleanse?   

Someone posted this on my Advo group/ message board page and I kinda need it.  

Orange Chicken?   Yes.

My plan is to eliminate the small amount of corn starch and substitute a small amount of stevia for the honey.  Either that or half the honey.   Anxious to play around with this one because it looks off the Chizzane, doe.

Hope you guys are having a great start to a great week.    If you're in the midwest like me, you may or may not be dying of hypothermia but... it builds character.  Yes?   And makes the summer and fall all the more amazing.

Later friends!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Are You All In?

Happy New Year, blog friends!

Bye bye, 2015...   Love you, miss you, mean it.  
What a year it's been!  
Better than last year?   For sure!   

January 11th, 2016...   kickoff to the biggest 24 Day Challenge in Advocare history...

The pre-sale on the challenge ends on January 4th, which is also my birthday.   #goshorty


I'm kinda considering this the biggest birthday party I've ever had.   You're all invited.


Remember how last years New Years 24 Day Challenge was the biggest ever with 90,000 of us?    

Yeah, no.   This was is gonna be bigger.   I know.

Here's the deal.

Order by Monday.   You get....

FREE shipping
FREE All In Shaker Bottle
FREE Food/ Meal Prep Containers
FREE All In bracelet
Oh and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake is back and available in the preorder.

The 24 Day Challenge is where it all begins.      

Who doesn't want increased energy, to drop a couple el bees, a nice detox, better sleep, an extra skip in your step?

The answer is no one. 


Let's take a look at some 24 Day Challenge successes from my very own team.

Here we have my girl Ashley...


Tired.  Knew there had to be another way.  


Zero Comparison.       Wanna see high energy and a spring in your step?    Meet Ashley.

Oh and Jeremy..

Before Advo and after.

His story kinda reminds me a little of my own.   In his own words..

This me before and after advocare and running, before I was struggling to run a 5k in time of 31 minutes, to the new me running a half marathon fueled by advocare. Both pictures are from the Cherokee harvest half/5k a year apart from 224 to 165, and now a new PR in 5k's of 21 minutes and I just ran my 1st half in under 2 hours a few weeks ago.

I plan on doing a half around 1 hour and 40 minutes next in April at the rock and roll in Nashville, and I'm going to run my 1st full in 2016

The other fabulous thing about this challenge is the virtual coach.     Access to very detailed daily instructions on the Advocare website?   Truly better than ever.
Oh and access to my private Facebook page where you can ask questions, complain, celebrate your victories, etc.    So much easier to do this with support.   

As for me, I don't even know what number this challenge makes for me.   What I do  know is that in about 3 days in, I'll be feeling better, sleeping better, my skin will look better, I'll feel lighter, ya know... the things dreams are made of.

My goal isn't necessarily weight loss at this point.   However, a good cleanse, a good detox from the month of December, and several days of amazing products and eating clean truly can't do anything but GOOD.

I go back to our beloved 24 Day Challenge 3 or 4 times a year.  In the meantime, I love my maintenance and running/ sports performance products.   I can't imagine life without them.    

My dear friend and teammate, who started with the challenge and looks amazing ...  said something similar to me not long ago.    

She basically said that the thing that she loves most about the cleanse/ challenge is that there is ALWAYS something to go back to when life gets crazy and we start making bad decisions, over indulge, get too busy to meal plan.      A plan.   A plan that's tried and true. 
   Because let's face it, a life without a plan, is a plan to fail in some capacity.  
Ya feel?

So, with the countdown on for the end of the pre-sale, I would love nothing more than to have you join us.

Message me with questions or take the All In Plunge right here.

Don't spend another year wishing you felt better, liked how you looked, had more energy to chase your kids, could enjoy working out, didn't feel achy and tired by 3 p.m... the list goes on.

Nothing to lose but the yuck.

ya feel?

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!  
Wishing you a year of health, happiness, and love!  


Monday, December 7, 2015

Who Else Is In Denial?

I feel like I'm shopping but nothing seems to be happening.   Meaning, the lists don't seem to be getting smaller.


Oh vey.   It'll happen.

If you've got kiddos, I'm assuming you've got yourself an Elf.   It's basically a full time job...managing these elves.  

You guys, people have spread sheets on their elf activity schedules and everything.    You know who you are.   I still love you but shum on.
Ours basically breaks into peanut butter jars throws a few marshmallows around.  No schedule here.

More importantly, can we talk about the "touchable" elf?   

As if we didn't have our hands full with the original elf,  his touchable friend is now in the pic.   And he's "the thing." 
  And apparently he won't lose his magic if you touch him.     
Of course my kiddos got wind of this prodigy and suddenly we've got two.

The night before these elves arrived, my girls worked feverishly and thoughtfully on  writing a letter to the original elf.   BEGGING, PLEADING for the touchable version.     They gently tucked it next to him before bed.  

Of course, I did what I said I would never do before I had kids and drove all over trying to find these touchable, yet still magical, elves.

Fast forward to 24 hours later...  touchable elves appear, kids are beside themselves with complete and utter Christmas cheer and glee.  


The big one reads the microscopic print on the tag which states... "made in China."     

Within .2 seconds she convinced herself and her sister that these weren't the REAL touchable elves because those elves are made at the North Pole?    NOT China.

Crocodile tears, complete with the kind of crying that looks kind of like hyperventilation with a side of a 102 temperature and a beet red face.   

I'm pretty much speechless by this point as the little one is all...   "mommy, WHY would you GO TO China to get  these fake elves!?   If they were real and really from the elf, they would be from the North Pole."  

I'm basically all.....  "am I on Candied Camera right now??  Because I'm pretty sure I am."

Their dad saved the day by somehow convincing them that the "made in China" is actually where their clothes are made and not the actual elves.      Whatever works.


So now, we've fallen into a trap in which the touchable elves move too.    They moved their first night to "prove their authenticity" and now we're in too deep and can't get out.

In summary.....  We've  got three elves up in here that need moved every night.   


If you missed the winners of the AdvoRunner Turkey Trot, head on over the Facebook.
Two winners.
A 10 day cleanse and a bottle of 02 Gold/ box of Spark.
Winning all around.

Speaking of the 10 day cleanse, we've got a huge group starting up in January.

Giddy up, yo's.   Last year was huge.  This year will be more huge.

Don't get a discount?     You can do it right here.   

I'll add you to the private FB group so you can share the fun with the rest of us.

It's really common sense.    Even if you don't wanna do the challenge... who doesn't want free spark and then Spark at a discounted rate forever and ever?


Some of my favorite Advo ladies this weekend.   Advorunner in the 'Nati.

So yes, the countdown is on....

The inbox is filled to the brim with deals and seductions of 40% off sales...

Speaking of shopping....  I'm still loving the KEEP.  

Looking for cute, personal teacher gifts?

Look no more.

Cute, personal, fun...

The options are endless.  

What's on YOUR wishlist?

Me-   There's really not a thing I need.    Is that good or bad?    I'm having a ton of fun putting together everyone else's gifts and shopping for the little girl that we adopted for Christmas.

Of course, today's message at church was all about putting the "gift/ Santa/ need to put up 5 Christmas trees" focus aside.    Instead, focus on people who have no family or resources for the holidays.   Not even necessarily with money or gifts.   But time and positive, loving gestures.

Yes, I'm pretty much obsessed with managing the elves, as mentioned, which kinda goes against the message, I suppose.   However, my hands are tied here.  We're dealing with Santa/ elf-believing kiddos.  
But for myself... I need nothing.


Hope you all had an awesome weekend.

I did for sure.

ps-  Remember when I used to do the weekend wrap up?  With the weekend's workouts and all that good stuff????

I miss that.

Shall we bring it back???